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Its quite difficult to define the word failure, I am quite sure each and every person must have tasted the bitterness of failure through the life in the journey of achieving success...the word failure has so much meaning in it, it depends on persons perception. Failure is a relative term. its a word, and the meaning we assign it is what constitutes failure. our experiences and life events determine our view about failure. just because we could not get what we want does not mean it's a failure altogether. 

I would definitely say, for an optimist there is no such word as failure, every step is an experience. having an alternative frame of orientation always helps understanding of life.

Failure is when you quit. As long as you keep trying you cannot fail. Remember..."An obstacle is something you see when you take your eyes off the goal".

When you fail early, it might be worth realizing that this is part of the deal, the price you pay for being good in the long run. Every rejection is a gift. A chance to learn and to do it better next time. An opportunity to figure out how to bounce back with perfect planning.

Accept the failure:

First of all one should prepare mentally for facing/accepting  the failure with calm mind as this is what a first step towards fighting back against  the feeling dishearten. As long as you hold on to your dreams and as long as you keep trying you shouldn't care about failure because one day you will  taste the sweetness of success provided you are trying until you reach the destination/goal.

Talking to someone about it to get your self esteem levels up. Getting support from someone really close to you really helps and opening up will allow you to target the problem they might have and find a different way to address it. 

Accepting failure takes strength of character, honesty and humility. It provides a building block for future achievements with  strong determination, dedication and commitment.

Learn from it by self evaluation:

Take some time off, just forget about your studies and your failures, study yourself and make a self assessment.

Self evaluation is very important thing to do after failure..It will give the root cause why things didn’t happen as per expectation instead of putting 100% efforts.

People who are afraid of making mistakes are convinced they cannot learn from them. People fear that their mistake could keep them down, depending on the mistake that's made, Oftentimes people who are afraid of mistakes make more than everybody else and this is a fact..!

Smart people learn from their mistakes because it affects their mind and they don't want to go through it again. Committing mistake is very natural in human being…one must self evaluate himself studying what went wrong what could be the better way to perform it in better way.

Inspire/Encourage yourself:

Re-build your esteem, you are the first and the best person to motivate yourself to get back to the battle with more of energy with brain storming planning as you must have inner power to fight with the negative thoughts.

I do agree, trouble with motivation is tough, however everyone motivates themselves differently. Myself, I give myself time online say for an Hour visiting CCI reading motivational articles and so of studying reading inspiring stories, throwing myself into the music etc.

I would surely say Caclubindia is the best of best place wherein one can motivate himself by reading article wrote by the great legends And I am  sure this will change ones way of thinking towards success drastically in positive way.

Tell yourself everyday:

Every day you can remind yourself the following:

This failure is only temporary.

I can definitely rise above these challenges.

I know I can achieve success.

My persistence and confidence can bring me to places.

Prepare for the Next:

Something that everyone must remember when taking exams, when you do the exam you will be nervous, your subjects must be prepared to a far higher standard than just you being able to perform.

Need to gain experience of pressurized situations; this is the only way to overcome your nerves, perhaps to convince yourself that you can do it.

Do something different. Do not dwell on the problem, focus on the solution. The solution is how to better cope, and one way you are absolutely doing that wrong is by beating yourself up over your failures

Bounce back:

You don’t want to feel this low again, so don’t let these feelings of despair happen again, turn all of that disappointment and angst into motivation for your future. This does not mean trying to learn a subject which is a miserable struggle and sitting exams again and again, but it does mean being creative with solutions, thinking broadly and freshly about your future. How else can I get where I want to go?

Remain ambitious:

Being ambitious It brings in desires to better your life and along with it you achieve happiness when everything falls in your way as time goes by, you change, life changes and whatever the future may hold, you have learned how to cope with things when they don’t go to plan. This is a success in itself. A lesson and a test which can only be learned the hard way.

I also believe that there are aspects of a person's individual life that makes them ambitious through personal experiences  And

One should not forget, famous, successful people who have not always found exams and academic life easy .

Push yourself now, harder than you have ever pushed yourself before and you will come out of this in no time with a whole new appreciation for your talents, strengths and abilities.


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Santhosh Poojary
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