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Ok.. So you all must have read so many articles of the students who are CA now and must have heard or read their success stories too. But have you ever heard or read about the success story of a student who failed almost 6-7 times in finals but still succeeding and earning pretty well.

But how is this possible if he is not holding CA degree?

This question might be coming in your mind, Right?

Well, the answer is very simple. You don't need a degree to prove yourself. All you need is courage and the passion to follow your ultimate dream.  

I received too many e-mails from the students saying that becoming a CA is our ultimate dream and I always reply them asking becoming CA by getting a degree is your ultimate dream or being successful in your career is your ultimate dream?

If you choose the option 2 then I will say this can also be done while preparing for a degree too. I know a person who is not a CA but still successful in his CA profession because he knew how to use his mind in the right direction. Instead of crying on the negative result he changed his attitude &  perception and associated himself with one of his CA friend who recently started his practice. Now, while preparing for degree he started his after CA life from now onwards. They both have knowledge, time, money and most importantly the passion to explore new things. The only difference is one has degree in hand and other is preparing for it while expanding the firm.

The reason for sharing this story with you people is to let you know that ultimately wealth and opportunities are contained more in you than in the assets you acquired in life so far. Your future lies more in your ability to apply your mind and intelligence to your work and your life. You're the captain of your own ship.

Please, please remove the mental block from your mind that Degree is everything and we can achieve our dreams after getting the degree only. Always remember Degree is one of the ingredients to complete the Dish of wealthy life but it is not a Dish itself.

So I'll end this by writing the most famous dialogue of 3 idiots: "Kabil bano kabil, degree toh saala jhak maar k peeche aayegi.." :P

Stay Positive, Stay Connected :)

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CS Aarti Jain
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