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Exciting career in ERP

Ajay G. Kajbaje , Last updated: 19 September 2009  

Now a days, CA is recognized as a role model in the field of Information Technology. One of such biggest segment in IT is ERP.
Enterprise Resource Planning is a boost for any industry and role of CA is to ensure that Industry gets benefit out of it.
Any system will work only when it is used in the way it is intended and all stake holders of the system knows how to use it in the way it is intended. Moreover the way it is intended is crucial to know the scope of industry applications it will cover. If all these things are synchronized, it will give the best ROI. Here is the expertise of CA to get best ROI.
ERP is an assembly of domains catering individual industry application. Its crux lies in the integration. Being a highly integrated system, it can manage the whole operational cycle of the industry.
The domains can follow any pattern, namely
  1. Supply Chain
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Sales and Distribution
  4. Services
  5. MRP
  6. e_Collaboration
  7. Procurement
  8. Project Management
  9. Maintenance
  10. HR and Payroll
And last but very crucial
  1. Financial Management
Typically a CA can find a suit only for ‘Financial Management’. But in ERP, being highly integrated system, the level of automation goes to such extent that the transaction flow from rest all domains end up in Financial Management. This is typically recognized as System Configuration.
To manage the ‘Financial Management’ is to manage the rest of all domains. Cognizance of each and every operation performed in other domain is inevitable. That’s a true challenge.
Yes, and CA is to face the challenge. Challenge is exiting, so the career in ERP!
All the best!
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