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Hello Friends and Budding Professionals,

Its been a pleasure for me to help you all with the possible Knowledge Transfer from me. I am writing my first Blog here and I am happy to give you all a brief idea on Exam Preparations in the leave period.(assuming 4 months).....

So here you go:

1)First Step is to make out a clear time table. The format should have Date, Time, Subject, Topic and utilsation. It is better to have one theory and one practical atleast every day. You may also have combinations of first and second groups.

2) The key point is to monitor the progress against the time table and make note of the time lost and also the time table to be revised accordingly. This excercise should be done every weekend or any fixed day you choose in a week.

3) Generally the leave period can be divided into three. First 60 Days for the completion of one round of reading and complete understanding of the syllabus. In this period, atleast one reading must be completed of all the syllabus whichever book you may follow. For practical papers a grip on steps in solving the problems is necessary. Also a major point is that, it generally takes some time for students to identify the Chapter to which the problem belongs. So this needs to be mastered to avoid wasting time in the exams. You can create one JARGON BOOK and write down all important Jargons for last minute revision. For eg. to memorise AAS1 if you created a Jargon ICSDPOAIR, then you can write this in the JARGON Book and keep it as a ready reference.

4) The second part say a period of 30 Days should be for shielding the covered syllabus. This means referrring all the Previous exam papers, Understanding the pattern. Also referring the Suggested Answers and RTP's atleast for last four attempts. Then also equipping yourself on the latest amendements and Case Laws. Also reading the latest CA Journal is essential to make it complete. You must write atleast one Model Paper of Each subject in this period. This is very very essential and dont think that the time used for writing is a waste. This technique has helped many people including me and I advise you to write the exams even if you are underprepared. You will appreciate that many people are unable to write for full 100 marks in the exam and thats because of this lack of writing practise.

5)In the last 30 Days, all the subjects to be revised in a systematic manner starting from the last exam to the first exam subjects. During this period you must not strain yourself beyond a limit. You must get sleep for atleast 6 hours every day. Eat good food and remain healthy during this important Phase as Health will spoil your exam preparations.

6) Last but not the least, spare some time everyday for relaxation like Music/Sports etc. But dont touch the Idiot box or the intelligent box(i mean PC).


Till Then



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CA CS CMA Srinivasan N
(ACA, ACS, CWA Inter)
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