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Many  a times student ask whether 3 or 4 months will be sufficient enough for the preparation of examination like CA final, not only this ,they will put certain conditions  like they are average or dull student ,now will the time be sufficient for them to complete the syllabus. Someone will say we are smart worker , some one will say we are hard worker, now tell how much time will be sufficient for the exam preparation so that we can pass it with one go. These are the general queries come to ones mind when some one is facing the professional examination.

The solution to all the above queries will be given with the help of an algebraic equation.

Suppose for passing CA final a minimum of 10000 points is required, then this 10000 points can be achieved by multiplying two things i.e. 1.effective hours given for study and 2. points generated per hour

We can write the Points Required in the form of equation as:

Points Required(P) = effective hours given for study(H)   X  points generated per hour(G)

Assumptions behind the equation:

The views and thoughts behind the exams and the knowledge required is expressed with the help of this equation and points required is just a resemblance to the thought.

The Points Required(P) is complete in itself and it covers  all the factors necessary for clearing the examination like smart work, hard work etc

Effective hours given for study (H)  is the time when you feel that you have actually studied or learned something while studying

From the above equation following facts comes into picture

1.As we know ,points required is a constant figure ,hence if someone can generate higher points per hour ,then he/she has to contribute less effective hours of study compared to others and vice-versa

For E.g.: If “A” can generate 10 points per hour then he has to give only 10000/10 =1000 hours of effective studies. On the contrary if “B” can generate only  5 points per hour then he has to give 10000/5= 2000 hours of effective studies

2. We can say that, one   who feel him/her self more knowledgeable and Intelligent compared to others will have to give less effort compared to those who feels themselves as ordinary and average student

3. CA Curriculum has provided sufficient time for studies i.e. 2 to 3 complete years for the preparation of final exams which is sufficient from the exam coverage point of view. But still under some circumstances one can say that the time is not sufficient for the preparation

For e.g. if ”C”  can generate only 1 point per hour then he has to give 10000/1= 10000 hours of effective studies. If he manages to give on an average 8 hours of effective studies per day  for all the time period of his studies then he has give 10000/8=1250 days i.e. 1250/30=41.67 months i.e.3.47 years which is exceeding 3 years of time. Hence time became the limitation or hurdle in this situation. So in that sense can we say that this course is not meant for “C”. No, “C” can also  finish this course and its very much possible, and he can finish the same, very much within time. Now we will see how is that possible.

“C” will not take the time up to 3.47 years rather ”C” will try to generate more points per hour. Is increasing the points generation per hour possible? Yes it is very much possible. The below points are very much important for those  who feel  that they are below or average student:

1.  Do Yoga and Meditation. Concentration to a particular thing or a particular number or symbol with closed eyes increases the efficiency and thinking power

2. Solve Quiz, Sudoku etc, on a regular basis. By playing with mathematical numbers , the brain becomes sharp and intelligent, and the analytical power of the person grows.

The above two points will not give the result after one or two days but definitely in the long run this will work a lot. And the points generating power per hour can increased to 3 or 4 from 1 within a period of six  to eight months  if one will follow it properly with complete dedication.

Thus now “C” will  require only 3.47/3 i.e.  1.16 years of complete studies with 8 hours a day, which is much lower than the maximum time given  for preparation by CA curriculum

Hope the above points will be very much helpful for those students who feel that CA is not there cup of tea.

Now one more question can be raised on this equation, whether it covers the luck factor also?

My personal opinion is that, there is nothing called luck as such, if I will tell you through my example then the points required to  pass CA  was 10000 ,which was made by covering all the aspects, that  means a minimum prescribed level of knowledge is what expected by the Course Curriculum and if that level of knowledge is not there with the candidate then he/she  is not supposed to pass. And if the same happens in the examination we call it as the luck. But according to me he fails due to one of the two reasons: 1.Either his/her level of knowledge was not matching with ,what was required by the  course curriculum or 2.Though his knowledge was enough but he/she was lacking  with the presentation skills. But I will say “Luck required or not” is a very subjective thing and will vary from person to person.

If I will insert luck factor  into the equation then the new equation will look likes

Points Required(P) = effective hrs given for study(H ) X points generated per hr(G) X Luck Factor(L)

In   my previous equation  luck factor was by default 1,as L was 1 so it was not necessary to show L as the part of equation, as anything multiplied by 1 will remain that only.

Now here in the new equation , we will see how it  works:

Suppose  ”D” says he always have negative luck when he appears for  the exam. He says his luck is only 50% of others luck, means assuming other things same his chances of passing examination is half compared to others chances of passing the exams. And “D” also says that he can generate 5 points per hour then we have only G is missing in the equation:

P = H X G X  L  i.e. 10000= 5 X G X .5 i.e. G=10000/(5 x .5) i.e. G = 4000 hours.

Without considering the Luck Factor D was supposed to give only 2000 hours for studies but now as his luck is negative then he has to give 4000 hours. From this example one good point comes into picture:

1.  The luck factor can be compensated with the efficient and effective work. As the P is constant hence lower will be the L higher will be the G required


This equation was there just to make you aware of your talent and potential. Nothing is impossible, and the success is achievable under worst to worst scenario.

The points generation per hour (G) is a subjective and relative term, and only one can  understand his or her potential and generation capacity. After reading this article if you are going to ask me “how much points will I be able to generate per hour ,given the condition that I am average  or dull student”, then I will not be able to answer  your question, it is only you who can give answer to this question.


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