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Today I would like to write about the most important topic in any organization which is the selection of ERP. As an Accounting professional I did not have too much knowledge about ERP but when I started working on ERP in my organization then I found that how difficult is ERP Selection.

ERP Selection for Small / Medium Organization

Here are the important points that should be considered before the selection of ERP

1. The most important thing is the blueprint of ERP requirements, for this, we should have to gather the information from each department, not only from the senior person but it should be taken from the lower staff as well because ultimately ERP should meet the requirement of the resources who is the actual user. So take a survey from each employee together with their Team lead. Please respect everyone opinion because each one has a different level of understanding. Do not forget to give priority to KPI's for the management level.

2. Never trust on a single demo of ERP, what I have experienced is that salesperson will show you the strength of their system, not limitations so ask questions as much as you can. I have met many professionals whose 1st ERP was failed due to lack of selection. So take a demo until your all requirements are not filled. But it is necessary to compile your all requirement as one time to respect the sales Person's work as he/she cannot provide a demo every time for a single Requirement. Take demo not only for formality but try to compare the things from different ERPs.

3. Cost Budget is the main Factor in ERP selection so before choosing ERP please decide on a Budget to save time. If your all requirements are not satisfying with this budget then definitely should take the next step but do not compromise with requirements just to save some money because it will ultimately improve your team's efficiency. 


 I hope this article will help you to choose ERP for your organization. 


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