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Email  Etiquette's



Be sharp and to the point

Messages should be concise and to the point. No long stories and description. Don't forget that there are people who receive hundreds of messages.



Visual cues can be incorporated in good conversation. How important are facial expressions or body gestures? They do matter a lot.



Use a right salutation in right mail. How do you open your email: Dear Sir, Dear Mr. Misra etc? So the right words at right place do give a good impression of your courtesy and understanding.


Using HTML and Formatting

Its good if you use HTML tags and formatting, as you can fancy your email, but remember that other side must also have same email client which can support the HTML and formatting, otherwise it will be utter gibberish and vague.


The legacy of punch card

Don't type words more than 80 characters in a line. If you do not have this facility of word wrap, don't forget to HIT ENTER after 80 characters..



So what after first email has been sent? How will I start the conversation next? Shall I write a new mail? Answer to all the questions is - NO, don't ever write a new mail. Start from the reply which you receive, read what other person has written to you, providing link to both the people for their next round of talks. Bravo, you have done it!!!  



Quotes at the end of the message express what you are and your views.


Not but the least, Remember the final WORDS....

  • Be concise and to the point
  • Answer all questions and pre-empt further questions
  • Use proper spelling,  grammar and punctuation where needed
  • Make it personal
  • Use templates for frequently used responses
  • Answer swiftly
  • Do not attach unnecessary files
  • Do not overuse the high priority option
  • Do not write in Capitals
  • Read the email before you send
  • Do not overuse reply to all
  • Be careful with formatting and HTML
  • Do not forward chain letters, without requesting delivery and read receipts
  • Do not ask to recall a message or attach a message without prior permission
  • Never use email to discuss confidential issues
  • Use meaningful subject avoiding URGENT or IMPORTANT
  • Use active instead of passive
  • Don't ever forward any junk mail related to offence or obscene remarks
  • Don't reply to Spam
  • Know your cyber laws



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