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Hello friends, I have been thinking to write an article on this subject, many student who make plans for their exams as their exams approach select a time to study either it can be morning time or it can be night time (night out which is generally said by students). Both the timings have their pros and cons. Morning time: this is the plan I prefer as the mind is fresh in the morning and is able to focus more during this time, whereas most of the people plan to study at this time only.

One more advantage for doing study during the day time is that exam is conducted during the day so you must have high focus for the exam during that period of day for E.g. if your exam is going to be conducted from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm than better avoid all distractions during this period and have a serious focus during these period so as in the subconscious mind the thought is seeded to focus and perform better during this time frame. Another advantage is that during this time when your friends and professors are also awake so you can ask the doubts by telephonic conversations.


1. Much disturbance at home (ALL GOING AT THEIR RESPECTIVE WORK)

2. Distractions of phone and social media (texts and calls)

3. Unexpected guests might come

4. Some urgent work might crop up which you can't ignore.

5. Have to take a break from studies to do household chores.

Night time: - well this is somewhat tricky! Some people like to study during the nights when asked the reason for that they say that there are less distractions at night to study so they like to study at night. Well studying at night and sleeping whole day is what the routine they follow

Pros: no distraction by anyone for e.g. TV (there is nothing to watch), friends (are generally sleeping) so no chat or talk, and no other work except studying


1. Your mind has a habit of studying at night means its better focus is at night so it will be unable for it to focus in the afternoon (which is the exam time) which might turn disastrous for students.

2. Mind is tired after whole day's work so you won't be able to focus more during night time,

3. During night time seeing others sleep you may also feel like sleeping, with this you may miss the targets

4. Students often say that they have to take some help of food or drinks to stay awake like tea or coffee, thus to some extent it is good but excessive consumption of these things might turn harmful like excess of caffeine in the body, excess of sugars which might be harmful for the body.

5. Whereas this caffeine might make you alert for some time but it will not help you to focus as for long time. (Study of Yale University).

6. Studying at night may exert you more and push you to the limits, which might lead to frustration in your behaviour and various diseases like insomnia might crop up. So this was the basic talk about study time, whereas it's the personal choice to choose the time of study as one might get benefit or favour from it and which suits ones the best. Stay healthy. Study hard.

Writer Hardik Palan is a CA final student


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