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Dreams turning to reality

Sanat Biswal , Last updated: 08 September 2015  


1. Preparation days

I had earlier mentioned in my previous post that I had joined CA amidst so much difficulties and confusion about what to do next in life. It was time to bring all the thought out career plans and desires to action. I pursued B.Com, but had my main focus on CA. It was a complete new setup for me, new friends, new environment but most importantly a new stream altogether.

I tried to go through the concepts of commerce initially on my own to cope with needs of CA.I took coaching for CPT and got good guidance from my teachers but most importantly I got a great friend circle who helped me a lot to setup my base in the course and in the meantime I also managed to lay a good foundation on commerce stream being from a science background. The desire of clearing the CPT exam in the very first attempt itself was always there in the back of mind and so, I tried my best to give more than 100% in my preparation. It was the very first time I got to know how hard it was to manage the scale of life altogether for preparation of CA exam and social life. The routine was fixed almost everyday for classes ,i.e. from 8:00am in the morning till 1:00pm in the evening except Sundays when we got time for group discussions which helped us a lot to grasp the concepts well. It was always fun and we always tried to conduct a GD whenever possible on every weekends. Movies, parties and festivals were almost erased from my calendar and I tried to skip each such occasion to keep my pace with time so as to complete the syllabus first in time so as to appear for CPT with a proper preparation. Fun was something which seemed a distance away from me for the time being. But, I was happy that I was doing something and sacrificing so much for a better future ahead and I didn’t want to sit for CPT one more time due to any possible reason whatsoever.

2. CPT exam(16/06/2013)

Despite my preparations for the exam, I was feeling really nervous on the day of exam. I remember clearly, I couldn’t sleep properly, the night before the exam and had spent the night trying my best to recall all the concepts once again as I had forgotten some concepts because of anxiety and nervousness. It was a restless night for me and the time seemed to pass really fast and I couldn’t keep my composure all throughout the night. I reached the exam hall in time and met the rest of my friends who had been with me all throughout the preparation phase. All were trying to pass fake smiles but, in inside they knew it was going to be a tough day for all. I was trying to keep myself as calm as possible among all.

The surrounding was filled with different sorts of people where many were found busy with a hell lot of books trying to feed their brain with as much input as possible in the short span of time before exam, few took to the corners of the place where they could focus and avoid distractions. Others were not concerned that they had an exam within some time and were busy with something else. I got my friends around me and we looked at each other’s faces waiting to find a convincing voice that exams are gonna go well.

Then, the time came when we went in and searched for our seats for the exam. I was thinking once again of the strategy of how to attend the papers and how to go through the next 2 hours of the first sitting of the exam. By the time the papers were distributed, there was a complete silence in the room and everyone were busy scanning the question papers. I got the paper and at the very first look I tried to get through all the question roughly and turned the pages in a quick succession to assess the difficulty level of the paper. As soon I went through the paper once, I was thinking of the possibilities of getting through the first half of the exam. Some were looking at each other’s faces in a state of confusion and their look suggested that they were unaware of what was in the paper. A few others looked at the ceiling, tube lights or the fan and were trying to ask god why were they given such kind of question. Few seemed contended with the question paper and seemed pretty happy. The bell rang and then I examined in detail of the first question from accounts section, I didn’t have any clue of what was asked in that question. I immediately got to the 2nd and 3rd question, but the same was the condition as before, no clue to the first 3 question. The confidence level had begun to drop by that time and I was shivering a bit and was beginning to lose my composure. The 4th question provided some relief and I could answer it correctly. Then,I found it a bit tough ahead and could answer 30-35 odd question from 60 properly and I guessed remaining 14-15 question being fully aware of negative marking .I was confident that even if few out of those question would be wrong I would definitely make a 30 out of 60 by how the paper had gone. Then I turned to the Law section and it was a pretty easy section as many question was asked straight from study material and model test papers. I answered nearly 33 odd from 40 question. The first half was over and both the sections had been ok type and I was expecting around 50-60 from the first half.

My main strength was Q.A. and I was waiting for the next session eagerly. I went through the Eco section in the break period to remember some dates and few other points which could help me out in the next session. I began the 2nd session with QA and it was very easy for me. All the questions asked were basic types and I solved many quests with much ease and attempted all 50 questions and expected 35 on the lower side. When I turned to Eco. section I found out that I had 1.5 hours still left. Then I went through the questions very carefully and answered only those questions where I was completely sure.

The time was up and I was pretty happy with the second session of the exam and I could figure out in the worst case scenario I could easily make up 100/200 which was the minimum requirement. Then, it was time to relax.We all friends gathered and got moving first to a temple to thank god for all his blessings on us. Had a great time with all my friends that night.

3. CPT results

The answers were already out on the net by several coaching institutes. I checked it out and found out that I was making a score of 130-140 range from my calculations. I was really happy as I had a great chance of clearing it in the first attempt itself. Clearing the exam in the very first attempt would mean a lot to me especially coming from a science background. The results were already out on the net by 2pm.The site was slowing up very much. Only 1 out of 9 of my friends had cleared the exam was the news that I got to hear. I was feeling very nervous to check my result after knowing so many had failed. Gathering my courage I typed my roll no. and clicked on to see the results. The site kept me waiting for 2-3 mins and it showed the site was temporarily down. I was hell really scared to click on it once again. Then as I hit it once again, MY EYES GOT STUCK AT THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN. It showed that word which so many are desperate to see in their results. YES!!!!It was a PASS written in bold letters that looked so convincing that I couldn’t ask for anything more than that. I didn’t know of how to react in that situation and was filled with tears at that moment. Gave the good news first to my mother. The moment was special as I had achieved something on my own in the very first attempt which was not supported by many when I had taken initiation. The very next moment I thanked god for the blessings. All that I had been through post 12th exams flashed back in sequences and I pondered over what I had gained by choosing such a path for myself. I could feel on that day how much I had changed for the good within a short span of time and how I was more responsible for what I had been doing. I kept checking my result of cpt again and again and each time the word PASS looked sweeter and convincing. It was a certificate of my commitment, sacrifices I had been through and achievement. The faces that had turned against me when I had decided to go for CA started to appreciate my decision this time around and were somewhat satisfied with the progress so far. It was then I realized that if one is confident of one’s own capabilities then, its not impossible to achieve anything no matter what the circumstances are.

But, the question still kept hovering in my mind, ”KYA MENE CA JOIN KARKE SAHI FAISLA LIYA THA…”?? ”DID I REALLY JUSTIFY MY DECISION OF BEING IN CA”??The answer this time was a bit inclined towards YES.

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