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Let me congratulate each one of 7,971 CA Final students who nailed it down this termamidst the all-time toughest result in last 23 attempts. I wish these elite ICAI members a great professional journey ahead. May you all scale great heights! Out of total 139,050 students who took the CA Final exams in Nov’13, only 7,971 could pass. So, the remaining131,079 have to fail. And, even I’m one of them. Don’t forget friends, “Failure is not falling down but staying down.

Have been struggling for the 1st Group since May’12, when I took my CA Final exams (both group) for the first time and cleared the 2nd Group. There is a dignity in the struggle; which helps us understand our identity better, personally experienced. Chetan Bhagat in page 233 of ‘One Night @ The Call Center’ has mentioned, “Once you taste failure, you have no fear. You can take risks more easily. Then you don’t want to snuggle in your comfort zone anymore – you are ready to fly.” In the same page he also wrote, “To be really successful you must face failure. You have to experience it, feel it, taste it and suffer it. Only then you can shine.” Friends, we all are already Chartered Accountants, only time stands between us and our degree.

I am very much disappointed to come across few posts like ‘Deep Sorrow’ and ‘What’s wrong with me? Shall I quit?’ in the CCI Forum. Today it was another result day. Friends, we need to win the final war and not every battle.So, without any shame accept that we have failed in this attempt, and take a resolution that we will give our heart and soul not repeat the same in the next attempt whatever come it may be. Mahatria Ra in page 97 of ‘Unposted Letter’ says, “Nobody succeeds all the time. Nobody is destined to remain a failure either. Success is failure delayed and failure is success delayed. Neither is failure final nor is success permanent. Today’s success and today’s failures are just another step in the long journey of life. Life is a game. If you play this game long enough, you will make it. Don’t quit midway. Play to the end. Play it long enough. Eventually, you will cross the finishing line.”

Friends, just take a break from the monotonous routine. Go for an outing, attend various social & religious ceremonies and spend time with family, friends & kith and kins. Re-energize and rejuvenate yourself. Read good books, watch movies and documentaries, take steam bath, go for spa, practise yoga, meditate and do whatever you feel like. Just ‘Shake it and step up’, shake all the frustrations and worries you had due to the failure and step up with all new enthusiasm and determination to be successful no matter what! And, start afresh forgetting about all the past attempts.

Friends, we are pursuing Chartered Accountancy where attempts don’t count. Just take it as another chance or opportunity to revise the basics and strengthen the concepts. Don’t we come across new characters every next time we read the same novel?Same is the case here. Just take it as another appointment fixed with the modules for next couple of months to acquire in depth expert knowledge of the subject. And, if days are not sufficient, never hesitate to borrow time from the nights by burning the midnight oil. I know it’s easier said than done. But, trust me – the pain is worth it.

We should just keep moving in life. Whatever happens, just keep moving ahead, like air. The air never stops at one place, it keeps moving. Water keeps flowing. Whenever the thought of stopping or quitting lingers over mind – beware that negativity by reminding time and again, ‘Manjilki parwah kar warna rasta bura maan jayega.’ When we give up on anything, we die alive. Friends, let us take a resolution, “The more and more ICAI fails us, the more and more we are determined to becomeits elite members one day. And, I ensure; definitely we will.”

Friends, never be prey to ‘Sabse Bada Rog Kya Kahenge Log’. Don’t take yourself so seriously. No one has so much spare time in his/ her busy life that s/he will keep on thinking about you. It’s just waste of your creative productivity, time and energy – personally experienced. If still someone speaks anything ill of you or doubts your ability, just give a smile and move on. It will definitely confuse them more, personally experienced. Even biologically also, we all were the winning sperms – the healthiest and fastest one beating another 700 million counterparts that got flushed and only we hit the egg. We all were born to win and our very DNA certifies the same. There is enormous thirst in each one of us to win. Should not we live up to our inheritance? Should we let just multiple attempts of CA Final reprogram our very genetics? Should we settle down for the most ordinary life when we are destined to live an exemplary life? Definitely not. We cannot afford to stop, just keep moving whatever it may be.

I convey my best wishes and better luck to all the CA Final aspirants reappearing in May’14 in special and to all others in general. Next CA exams have been postponed from 2nd May to 26th May due to Lok Sabha polls. Let us make the most of these extra 24 days. I wholeheartedly congratulate and greet all the CPT pass outs into the Chartered Accountancy course and wish good luck to all the IPCC students who are awaiting their results.

I’m thankful to you for spending your valuable time. All these were out of my personal experience coupledwith the confidence and outlook I developed by attending various discourses, reading numerous books, blogs and write ups on success and failure. I’m sorry if I’ve hurt anyone while expressing my views. Suggestions and criticisms from all readers will be appreciated and acknowledged. PMs shall also be entertained. Any reader pointing out any grammatical, spelling, punctuation, typing or any other type of error shall be thanked using the ‘Thank User’ button.

Wish you all Most and more

Thanks and Regards

Amrit Dalmia


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Amrit Dalmia
(Indirect Tax Consultant)
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