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Your Parents gave you the name, its for you to add the word "CA" in front of it. Thats what make this degree special. Its a recognition for the hardwork you put in, for the sleepless nights you spend for studying, for the hope that kept you going in your tough times. Its what that will make you stand out from the rest.

As days are nearing for the exam, all my dear friends must be worried about the exam and yes you should be worried. The difference between success and failure is that of the thinking which we carry. Everyone of you must be having equal time left. Some will waste it cursing or worrying about useless stuff while others will be looking each minute as an opportunity to work hard and achieve the success,

The IPL season, the election season must have taken your focus away, but its time to get back your focus on studies. Focus on revising the topics that you have done by now. Dont try anything new, you will only get confused. Practice as much as you can. Solve the questions in writing. Its about quality of your learning now. 8-10-12 hrs of study wont count, but the quality of hardwork which you do even in 5-6 hrs will do the trick now. There is no shortcut to success and if you are looking for the shortcut then you are on wrong track my friends. There cant be any excuses now. If you want to succeed then you will have to work hard.

Again I repeat that dont miss the material provided by the institute. Its the most authentic source for the exam. There is no reason to skip it. The pattern has changed this time, so the material provided by the institute will only add value to your preparations.

Begin your day with a positive thought that you are going to make it and work hard for it the whole day. Everything else can and must wait till the exam. Put as much effort as you can because this time, this opportunity will never ever come back. You will repent every single minute you waste or you will be elated for every single minute you worked hard when the results would come. Whenever your attention diverts to something else, just ask a simple question to yourself "Will it help?". The answer itself will put you back on the track.

So, give your best, study hard and stay focused. All the Best!!


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