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‍‍Do not give your important study hours to distractions. Distractions are anything which shifts your focus from your goal to something less important. Distractions may come from anything or from anyone.

BT it depends on us how we stop it from shifting our primary focus.

In the crucial face of our lives where we need to work upon our career. Where the future means more than our past and our present. One should not get carried away from his/ her path of life.

Distractions cause not only harm to our mind but also extinguishes our time and energy which could have been utilised on something more important than just the distraction.

Now the question arises is, what are the distractions and can we get to know that we are being distracted from our goals? Because mostly till we recognize that we were being distracted. We already become addicted to it .so how can we identity a distraction in its early phase?

In the world where social media is becoming a need of the hour where, almost everyone is connected through social media platforms. Finding someone without a social media addiction is a rare case. Needless to say, it is the major cause of all the distractions.

One may argue that social media is a necessity in today's global world..and a day without it would mean decertifying oneself from a lot of useful stuff, however when students use it as a medium to connect they also tend to connect to people who might seem useful BT are not actually so.

Talking with someone opens up the mind and increases the thinking capability of the person..however talking useless stuff and gossips also makes a person think too much about something which is not gonna help anywhere in the future.

So whenever you start up a chat just ask in the mind .about the usefulness of the chatter. And its implication on you.

There are 75 thoughts that run in 60 seconds in an average human mind. What is even worse is that we do not have control over the thought process, however if one is to process the thinking and control the key of mind one can surely control the direction of the thought process.

Some sad and disappointing events may encounter you. Like your failures in exams or in relations or an undue past stressful situation. That happened around you. But all you need to do is to just get yourself relaxed for a while and think why you are thinking about it now? Encourage yourself hardly so as to lower those past voices which are irritating you.

Moreover there is an urging tendency in youngsters to misuse electronic gadgets and they try to keep it beside them and study whilst something important might get missed by for that one should set a timer and place a piece of paper on the mobile phone and teach self discipline of not using the gadget until finishing ones target for the given period. Also keep in the mind that world is not going to stop working if you forget your gadgets however it may just get better.

If you want to take a break from your studies just take a walk or a nap or munch on something rather than just wasting time on distractions. Pushing yourself in every task where you are slow can sort out most of your problems.

At the end I would like to conclude by pointing out that your mind has the capabilities and potential to work more than you actually think. Don't just waste it on distractions and people u going to regret 5 years from now.


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Shreya Rajput
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