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Hello friends

Everyone seems busy in preparation for upcoming exams. Some will be giving it for the first time and many must be having it for 2nd or 3rd time. These exams are like life changing situation. I came up with some do's and don'ts for exams.


1. RTP: There are some students who don't go through RTP. My advice is to go through RTP once because sometimes institute gives exact question from RTP in the exam.

2. Writing: A good habit is to include writing in your daily schedule. Just have one pen or pencil in your hand while studying and have the habit to write every little thing near that para or line which comes in your mind at that time because that thing will not trigger you again when you make the revision.

3. Mind map: I got exemption in ISCA. Just one thing I want to share: Make a map of every topic in your mind and learn memo keywords and give more and more revision time to ISCA.


1. Question: In your Accounts paper i.e. the first paper of CA final, don't attempt question number 2 in starting, even if it seems like you know this question very well. ICAI gives a very minute point in that question on which we surely stuck, just complete all those questions which you know well except the 2nd one.

2. Theory: In Costing paper, theory plays an important role. It can give you a good score if you prepare it wisely. Trust me, if it's concepts are clear, theory will be very easy for you.

Hope this article will help you all in your exams.


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Khushbu Agarwal
(Student CA Final )
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