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This is the main feeling that trespass from our heart at certain stage of life. After achieving an age, after being a graduate or somewhat …., we are bound to think what we have achieved in our life??

When we want to mark our success, we are empty handed. We forget to count our short little success that had made us. We forget the rule of introspection. We got into d dilemma of guilt.

Our thinking turns like that “ I am 25, 30,35 ….or still doing CA and has not achieved anything….or like even I am CA, what I have achieved so far…? There are much more successful persons who have achieved so much. but what about I ? where I really stand ?

These confrontation are not just upto professional level , but also comes on the personal level too , where one is unable to incorporate with others. It creates more fuss in relationships , life ,….n whole world.

Everywhere in world , it seems like nothing has remained special. Its an obvious thing to curse the circumstances which hold a person backward in his life. AND pray silently to his  heart ….

“wish that I could move on , cant let go its too strong

Just like that and that you are gone, was this how you wanna it to be”

But we forget one thing  that past is always past. No matter whatever would be the reason to hold you back , don’t let that again surf into your mind. DON’T BE A PRISONER OF YOUR PAST.


“ rise above the storm , you can find what you have looking for”

Life is about creating. The more we create ,we better use ourself, the more we would be happy with ourself.

Accept the mistakes from past and say to yourself “ I will create my life in much better way this time. I  will be the best “


Think about today .check your own position where you stand . think about the point where you really wanna stand. Because life is not comparing our life with others . Its about creating a new of you everyday with the base of last success . think about the opportunity which you can seize from today , which you can get in tomorrow with the base of your hardwork , endeavour , passion , desire and never giveup attitude.







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