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After having writing articles on “How to write in CA Exams” and “Last Days before CA Exams”, I decided to write an article on “Danger But Best Period”. You might get surprised with the words “Danger But Best Period”, but it is true.

How? It is as under:

By 21st November, your exams must have been completed. So you are now relaxed. You think “Chalo Yaar exam to khtam ho gayi. Ek tension gaya” So you feel a great relief and you yourself feel good feeling. It is true that after examination is over, you must feel good. Now, you can sleepwell, eat well and also go for movies also. It may be possible that you might have not seen any movie since last some months due to your examination preparation. You might think instead of going to movie, let save that time and read or get some relaxation through any other activity like listening music or playing cricket for some time seeing TV.

Now real time starts. Friends, you have given your exams and you are the best teacher of yourself and know very well about how your exams were. If you feel that you are not going to clear this time my sincere advice is to start reading. I am not demoralizing you, but telling a fact. What is happening is that we are thinking that “This time I will surely clear”. But at the same time there may be a different feeling of not clearing as we know about our appearance in exams”. So my sincere request to start reading.

But what is happening that we do not start reading in the impression that I will clear this time. So we are waiting till our results out. After exam over and results declares, there is a lag of two months. If I am not wrong then without reading we are just wasting our two months. Now suppose, your result is out and you are not able to clear then you need to start reading from very first page. Then you start making calculations that how many days are  left, how many subject I need to complete, you also start option for going to fast track or say crash batches for subjects, you also start gathering materials and so on. At this point of time, you think yaar it will be better if I had start reading after exams were over.

There is one more topic which is interesting. Let say, you appeared for First Group of CA Final Exams. There are four subjects. Now suppose you start reading. As you have given recently exam, you know what was asked and what you had answered. So it may be possible that while reading you come to know you had given wrong answer. So now what to do? Nothing. You can not do anything. So instead of getting nervous you are requested to have positive attitude.

Now suppose you cleared, then there is not any loss if we read as our profession is such where there is need of reading.

After seeing your results, you might get feeling that I failed in subject for which think (actually there is a hidden fear or we can say that you think that if I get at least 40, then I might clear exam). I also passed from this period. I would like to make a sincere request to those who have appeared for only one group out of two groups to start reading for the other group. I would like to tell not to waste these two months. It is of great help. After our results are out we have only three months, and need to complete syllabus and also revision. We make our life very busy and hectic. We know our syllabus is vast and is required a considerable time to complete once. So instead of wasting these two months we can utilize it.

Another thing I would like to quote about reading. What is happening that when we see exam paper, we think that “Are yaar, aisa example to pehli baar hi dekha hai, ye paper setter kaha se dhoondh laaya hai” or “yaar paper to bahut hi tough hai” or something else feeling…. So in such case I would like to advice you following.

We are in CA and in preface of our syllabus it is written Level of Knowledge as “Advanced” at Final Level. What I recommend that you go for coaching or if not possible make self study. Clear your concept on subject matter. As I written in one of my articles that there are various books available in market to get you understand same topic. What you need to do is have one reference book as your base book. Get clear your concept from that book. Try to solve examples from other books also. What is happening that when we have not cleared in exams, we go back to our old material, read that get confidence and not to try for some other book/(s). I strongly recommend you to must complete Institute Publications like, RTP, Mock Test/ Model Papers and last but not least Practice Manuals. Institute is publishing well in advance material which is required for students before exams.

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