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Curiosity - A quality of being curious

Well, we all are advised to be curious and have a ''why'' while learning new concepts in any subject. Because it is rightly said, we don't understand the ''what'' properly unless we know the ''why'' governing it. Being curious can help us in many ways. Some of the advantages are as follows:-

1. Helps to establish a deeper connection with the subject 

Instead of having a superficial knowledge of any subject in a professional course like CA / any other profession, it is better to have a deeper understanding of the concepts lying within. Only then we can become real and a well-established professional.

Curiosity: A Boon or a Bane in CA Life

2. Create a deeper insight and governing interest into the subject

As you go on clearing the ''why's'' behind every concept, you get a deeper insight of the topics in the subject. The better you start understanding the inter-connected areas, the better your interest in the subject.

3. Boost up confidence

When the doubts get cleared, a confidence is felt, which instantly helps to feel better and perform better in the exams.


4. Increase in the thirst for knowledge

Curiosity insists you to dig in more and more, deeper and deeper. Thus the thirst for knowledge keeps on increasing, and so does the growth in the profession. As thirst for knowledge is directly proportional to the growth in the profession.

Having discussed about the advantages and benefits arising from the habit of curiosity, does curiosity hold any disadvantages too?


Well yes, and specifically when you are giving any sort of professional exams. It is a common mistake noticed in a lot of people that the thirst for knowledge never ends, but if this is continued in the last 2 months given for the preparation of professional exams, this can unveil a negative effect too. As the last 2 months are not to grab more and more knowledge, but to revise what is already taught and learned in the class.

Thus, it is very important to understand to take care of the fact that knowledge is good, but running blindly behind it everytime can sometimes come at the cost of losing certain things. We should always learn to set a demarcation line and healthy boundaries for everything.


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