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How to begin your presentations effectively?

Someone has rightly said, “First Impression is the last Impression.”

Has it ever happened with you that you attend a presentation and you become immensely impressed with the Presenter within in the first few seconds? Well, it has happened with me so many times. I often attend seminars, conferences & workshops on various issues and find that, whether the presentation is going to be interesting or not, is determined in the first few seconds.

The way the presenter starts his presentation, the way the presenter looks into the eyes of the audience, the way the presenter smiles, the way the presenter holds the microphone, the way the presenter designs his slides, the way the presenter stands, the way the presenter takes breath, the way the presenter dresses & so on – all these things are the pointers which can be judged by the audience in the first few seconds.

That means that we have less than a second’s time to make a first impression that lasts till the end of the presentation or even after that. Be careful to create that first impression.

It may be difficult to create the first impression, but if we really work hard on the following few points, we can really create that first impression.

In today’s stressful life, everyone wants to feel relaxed & meeting a happy presenter actually relaxes the audience. They get a feeling that they are going to meet a friendly & cheerful person who is going to make them happy. A smile costs nothing, but actually gives a lot. It only takes a moment to smile, but its impression lasts forever. Even if you feel nervous inside, don’t forget to carry a smile outside.

Start with humor

Starting with humor is a great way to create the first impression. It creates an impression in the mind of the audience, they are going to be with a pleasing & soothing personality & not a person who is serious, non-engaging & boring. Audience may be of any type – students, professionals & housewives. Everybody loves humour. So, sharpen your presentation with this great art.

Start with a story

Human beings love listening stories. It may be a story about anybody’s life or it can even be a case study. Stories engage the audience. A connection is created between the presenter & the audience. The audience starts taking interest in the Presenter. Audience doesn’t like straight messages. They want to listen to the messages explained to them with a story. The conclusion of the story should result in a message. “Once upon a time” – these words create magic in the minds of the audience.

These are just the examples of a few points that can be taken care of while starting a presentation. Use them & create the first & lasting impression.

The author is a Presentation Trainer and is the founder of BizSkill, which creates Explainer Videos for Business & Organizations. 

To enrol his Online Certificate Course "Art of Effective Presentation" at CAClubIndia, click here


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