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Friends, you may have noticed that the syllabus of CA Final is easy to understand but difficult to revise. When we start preparing a subject or take coaching, the topics seem to be easy and simple, but the real challenge starts when we focus on its revision. Even though we have prepared every topic adequately and thoroughly, understanding the concept and logic, we are not in a position to recapitulate the same. Students often face difficulties in completing the revision due to time constraints and vastness of the syllabus.

While planning my preparation and revision strategy for CA Final Examination, I was also worried with similar questions. Thus, I started interviewing my seniors, teachers and All India Rankers and based upon the same, drafted my study plan.

As per this plan, I divided my preparation into four parts as follow:

1. Study Plan: Under this head, I decided the reference books and class notes to be used; time to be allotted to a subject and various topics under it- depending upon the content and level of questions asked in examination.

2. Revision: Revision plays a key role in our examination and vastness of syllabus demands smart work. The second part is solely devoted to the revision with an attempt to solve your questions as to how to do a revision? How frequently the topic is to be revised? Which reference book to be referred? and many more.

3. Final Exam Preparation: To avoid hustle on the last day, Exam Preparation needs to be planned properly. This will answer the issues related to last moment studies and avoid the possibility of insufficient revision.

4. Paper Writing Tricks: We have 15 minutes for reading and 3 hours for writing. The result of our day and night efforts depends upon the outcome of this crucial time period. Thus, this being most important time, needs to be dealt with due care.

An initiative has been taken to help students to get through the examination. Utmost care has been taken to ensure that all the doubts are answered. Apart from guiding on studies, various Expert Strategies and Techniques commonly used by CA Final Students are also presented in nutshell in the session. The link of the video is attached herewith for your kind reference.

Part 1 of 2 covers the first point of discussion (Study Plan) while Part 2 of 2 covers the remaining.

Wish you all the very best for your examinations !!

Happy Reading !!

Part 1 of 2: 

Part 2 of 2: 

Note: This video was prepared keeping in mind May, 2017 Examination. However, the content is equally relevant for future examinations also.

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