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Corporate Facts

Member (Account Deleted) Guest , 15 May 2014  

While working in a corporate culture, you may face very idiotic situations where you will find yourself so depressed and it will give you a sign of “job dissatisfaction”. One who wants to sustain in industry for longer time then it is utmost important to adopt some basis skillsets at his work. Once you are tied up with your company which is having global presence, your profile is not limited only to your domain / core area. You will be forced to handle unrelated assignments. Despite of this, many people have successfully achieved required skillsets. If you consider following aspects at your workplace, highest position will knock your door soon! Following factors are most effective time wasters in the corporate:

1. Unwanted telephone interruptions /  calls where you are completely unlinked

2. Unwanted meetings where you play NIL role

3. No clarity of action plan

4. Unwanted resources involved in simple tasks

5. Rigid processes for execution

6. Half information

7. No support from other team members

8. Escalation tactics

9. No team work

One of my senior educated me by saying this: 80% of our time wastes to accomplish only 20% of our objects. I feel abovementioned situations are fit case for disturbance of your corporate growth. TEAM WORK with a proper discipline is essential for corporate growth.

Manage your time effectively:

1. Block your outlook calendar regularly and from time to time

2. Plan your personal leaves in advance and keep your boss in loop in well advance

3. Delegate a right work to right subordinates at right time

4. Set realistic goals

5. Short term, medium term and long term planning is important

6. Prioritize your assignments in the criteria: URGENT>IMPORTANT>ROUTINE

7. Set deadlines and then start working

8. Do not work to achieve deadlines, work to achieve objectives in the deadlines set

9. Outsource routine work to outside consultants which will help you to save your time

10. Concentrate on managerial decision making process instead of execution of task

These are very small things which will enhance your corporate skillsets in your organization. If you stick to one management principle “Work your plan – plan your work”, I believe 5 days a week will be more than sufficient for you!!! 


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