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First of all i would like tell what actually mind is......

Actually mind lies within the brain as i think , brain is the portion which you can find inside your skill "physical" portion but mind we can say as functional part of brain........:) all the joys pleasure , tension , excitement lies within our mind ......


First of all if you have to control yourself you have to control your mind and it can only be possible with the help of strong "will power"


You will be amazed to know there are certain cases in which it is proven that if the man have  strong will power,  he can even beat death! :)

So i am mentioning the series of steps which will help you to control your mind!


There is a most famous technique called "distraction technique"

Distract you mind by doing thing which you are having interest, as"khali dimaag shaitaan ka gher"

In this technique you have to replace your negative thoughts with good ones, i know it is a bit difficult for us but i assure you buddies "if you think you can then definitely you  can"...


If our mind is full of worries and sadness, in the fast moving world , there is hardly anyone who cares, except our parents and some sincere friends. Whenever you came across any negative thoughts try to think about good moments with your parents and feel that you are an important one to your parents and the persons who care , do no feel sad because you have not done , what you are suppose to do , feel that there are also things which you can do, that others cant" as in three idiots it is well said , believe in excellence not passing exam, if you have guts then prove the world that you can also next bill gates and dhiru bhai. :)


Mind is the special organ which is responsible for your all body functions, if it is full of negativity  you are not able to succeed in life because active brains got ideas and "believe me friends" ideas leads to the fulfillment of dreams.


So as father of nation said , "do good and world reflects you good"


Now come to self "ownership" , if you conquer your mind , you will easily conquer "world"


Step 1- Speak less- as i think silence is a temple of ! If you want to calm and cool, speak less, speak only when you think my speaking is more important than my silence ....irrelevant talk leads you to irritation or tensed strings of mind.


Step 2- Plan your daily schedule- time is money my friend , time and land are only the two things in world which you cant create , so value time . Plan your daily schedule in morning  and try to act accordingly, proper rest and well maintained time living leads you toward excellence of your dreams!


Step 3 - Do proper exercise(meditation)- most important of all , if your body is fit , your mind is able to think and thinking is the most important if"aap mai khuch ker guzarne ka zazba ho..." try to do small exercise daily .


Step 4-  Maintain good company- if you are in good company then you will get good words to hear , inspiration and many motivation things to learn. Try to avoid and ignore bad ones because they are just for "garbage entities" and having nothing else to do.


Step 5- Make your goal, aim- "a man without aim is just like a bird without wings"...everything you want is waiting there for your asking that you have taken any action to achieve them......moving toward goal make you busy your mind and you will not have time for negative thoughts......


Step 6- Food- food also plays vital role in your thinking, you know in a research it is proven that , the peoples who ate more spicy and oil food get angry fast , and irritated most of the time , less patience. Tray to eat to live not to live to eat. Tray to eat fruits more.


Step 7- Do not maker yourself time machine- allow your self to do some wild thing, we get life only one time friends, if you have not done some wild things in your child hood , then there is noting left to laugh at  yourself when you get older..........


At the end i would like to say- " if you think you can, then definitely you will" there in nothing impossible in this world , headword leads to position where you want to stand..................just give your self chance and make yourself a man of words "who do , what he have said"


Strong will power will lead you to anything ......believe me anything you want......


Thank you

I hope you will definitely got something from this :)

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