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Dear Friends,

There are few qualities inside you which will leads to you your goals. Some were success and some were failure. Other interesting factors that success continues to be success. But all the failures not continued to be failure. That is the wise saying that the failures are the stepping stone for the success...

Firstly, you have a strong believe inside (Burning desire) that things will be happen and do the hard work for achieving the same. This is called the self confidence.

When you have thrust for knowledge, no doubt, a teacher which is sleeping inside you will present. I really hope that god had given a wonderful instrument which is known as Brain.

Fortunately, there are many resources are present with you in the form of good reference book and coaching for the entire subject. If you fail, think, why do you fails?

Did you tried to seek the answer? It is simple; you had traveled the route of failure. Everybody start their journey towards the success. But some got diverted and traveling the route and the ultimately reaching towards Failures...

If you are a positive thinker, you can’t think that ICAI had done manipulation in the result and standard deduction of the mark.

Simply if your handwriting is bad, blaming for the pen. What an idea Jee!

All the human being was created by the lord with equal capacities. But someone success and others failed.

Assessment of strength and weakness..

When you joining the course, every thing is Blank. How to study? Which book to follow? Etc. Take your past schooling days and plus 2  stages.

You may be master in solving mathematical problems or Accountancy problems but find very difficult to memories the history like theory papers.(Left brain is strong and Right brain is weak)

The above categories can score good mark with MAFA, Cost, Accounts, But poor performance in the theory section may be make the difficulties

There is reverse combination. Good with memorizing theory section but  find difficulties with Maths papers or accounts papers (Right is powerful and Left is weak)

These categories will find some degree of Difficulties for studying and scoring MAFA, Cost management and accounts papers. This will leads to failure of the Problems papers like cost management and MAFA and will loose.

Some were so good with Mathematical papers as well as problems papers (Both are balanced)

The above categories of the students were so ideal for writing both group papers

Some were average students(Neither powerful nor weak)

Getting Minimum marks for the entire subject. But in the CA course, you may be clearing all the papers but fail for want of aggregate only

Some others were below average categories Also.

These categories will fail forever...

But All the above categories can Success the CA course.

Understand one thing clearly, all the above categories can success the CA course. First step towards this is believe strongly that you can success the course.

Secondly correct the weakness which i had specified above. If you have necessity, then, you will be an innovator.

If you weak in mathematic paper, it may be a difficulties for solving the cost , accounts and MAFA papers. Don’t waste the time further. Buy good book  and start the preparation from the grass root level...

Pick a smallest and easiest component and find the additional time for the toughest subject...

For clearing the cost management papers, you must be conceptually strong. If you see the problems , try to understand what is the information is available and what information is missing or Hidden and what is required to be find to reach the solution.

All the problems of the cost management were based on a particular Concept. This may be explicit or implicit in the book. Unfortunately, our ICAI module is  good but not structured... This was emerged the need for good reference book too.

If you determine to overcome the weakness you may be find the way to success. But unfortunately those who had failed is not in a position for the reason for failure.

If you had failed in cost and MAFA papers, it indicates you need to improve for conceptual aspects and problem solving aspect. Both are inter inked aspect. Try to learn the concept and then only solve the problems and that too without depending the solution to the extent possible..

IF you are weak in the theory papers

There are two type of categories

First categories

Students are trying to Mug up the theories without understanding the logic behind that. If a Ditto Question is set in the CA exam. You can simply crack the good mark.

What is the wrong with you?

You are not able to present the content of given questions in the exam.

What is the difference between a CA course and graduation course?

In the CA course Application oriented and practical questions such as true or false is set. But for graduation course ditto course were set.

See some scoring good mark in their graduation was fails frequently for this course alone!

What is wrong with you?

Firstly, Not understanding the logic behind the theory papers. Logic will be present if and only if you thing for it.

Second, understand the requirement of question and start writing relevant point with heading and sub heading.

For Audit, Law, DT , IDT, inter linking  method is need to be adopted. One AAS may be having application in much area. Take the same and arrange it and present it in a better way of you...

Sure you can crack the same...

Note is required for the entire theory subject....

Read the matter

Try to understand it

Document the main point with heading and sub heading

Revise the same in a good time interval

Present the same in your way to the exam point of view...


Those who are average and below...

You can also crack the course...But Believe strongly that you can crack the CA course , understand what is your strength and weakness. Rectify the weakness as specified above

Never compare you with others. Your dream will become true one day


All the best

Achieve the best

Vivek M


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