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In present days in the field of Accountancy, we are having the number of career options are available such as Accounting, Finance, Direct taxation, indirect taxation, practice in other laws and act. Among the number of areas we need to choose the career which is suitable to us and develop the same. This article attempts to highlight the points which is essential for choosing our career and develop the same


1. Area of Interest:


While choosing our career, we should know our area of interest, some person like the taxation, some like Finance, and some like practice in law, so we must realize ourselves the area of the interest. Based on that we need to choose the career. This will help to success our career.


2. Learning attitude:


We should have learning attitude in the selected field, it will help us to improve our knowledge in the field also help us to get expertise in the area. We need learn something in the work we are doing. So develop the attitude of learning yourselves


3.      Seeking  opportunity:


What ever the talent we have, for show that talent, we need to have at least one opportunity. With out opportunity no body will perform, all the successful stories are started from a small opportunity in the past. So in our career we always seek an opportunity to show our skills.


4.      Professional  thinking  


In our work, we should have our professional approach. It should show your quality of work different from others, we should think always professionally in the any nature of work.


5.      Accept the mistakes.


No one can do the work with out mistakes, every one is human beings and mistake is human nature, but who one accept their mistake, they only can rectify the same and learning lesson from the mistake and can avoid the same mistake in future, so what ever you are doing mistake first accept the same then you correct yourselves


6.      Think  practical:


Always think practical in any matter, whether past or present, do not blame the system or luck while you losing and do not believe the same while you won. What ever matter analyze practically, some time your failure will teach you lot.  So thinking practically will brighten your career



Our professional courses are teaching you the subject and give you the      knowledge, but using the same for develop the career and get success in the life is in our hand. So select the correct career and develop the same and achieve more


All the best.


CMA. Ramesh Krishnan



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CMA Ramesh Krishnan
(Cost & Management Accountant)
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