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The objective of the ICAI of having quality students coming out of the system is one of the important ones. The ICAI expects that the knowledge requirement is obtained by going through the curriculum along with practice. Questions especially at the final level test the understanding of the concepts and the application of the same. The articleship period should be the time when what is learnt in the audits are applied while studying and what is learnt is studying applied at the workplace. In addition the ITT training and orientation along with GMCS at a later point of time go to make the student a complete professionals. In the campus the best salaries are offered to those who have the skills to apply in practical situations.

Students are increasingly attending the private coaching classes who have stepped in seeing the enormous opportunity. A few of them are bridging the gap quite well with a well researched teaching and training curriculum. However many consider it a business and the right type of professional may not be coming out of the system. The student could consider what is required for him/her to pass the examination vis a vis the coaching class. Many times the choice of coaching classes depends more on the size of the bill boards or repetitive TV advertisements or on recommendation of friends who are as informed as the student.

Some thought on some of the key differentiators between coaching classes [CC]:

1. Faculty is the key: Concerned and experienced teachers can make a great difference as each one of us have experienced in our life. Initially CC may need to call them from nearby cities to ensure quality. When not available then CC need to develop them locally. For CPT – IPCC CAs may not be required other than for taxation and audit papers. For Final most faculties should be practicing or employed CAs.

2. Since understanding the subject and knowing that one has understood is important, periodic examination [ in examination conditions – maybe lower time] and feedback on the students performance would help. This facility can be built in by having separate faculty who can develop questions and model answers based on ICAI SA/ RTP.

3. The faculty could evaluate the answers and provide vital individual feedback. This individual attention would be very important to assist the student to do better.

4. English language reading and writing skills especially at CPT/ IPCC levels also to be imparted in between if possible where it is felt that this is weak. Maybe in non metros there may be a need.

5. Each Students history card with grades/ marks scored, advise given etc to be captured for being able to guide the student holistically.

6. Before very class starts 10 minutes reading time provided by teacher to cover the chapter to be taught.

7. Use/ Emphasis on ICAI study material. Reference books for specific topics should be used in addition to the study material. The coaching class notes could also be used to understand the concepts being taught.

8. When students join the course an aptitude test to understand student’s strengths could be useful.

9. Provide time for self study after coaching course is over and then a full fledged Mock Test in all subjects [at least 45 days prior to actual examination]. This should be clarified in advance as many coaching classes may not be ready to offer these services. This could be evaluated and feedback provided to the students.

There could be many more initiatives which one could take which could be added on.

The student may find some of the above not available in the coaching classes and suggest to the CC to include the same or choose the ones which have the same. Hope this note would be useful for the student to decide on the coaching class to join as also how to improve their performance. Best of luck for your November examinations.


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Madhukar N Hiregange
(Chartered Accountant)
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