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My favourite indoor game and indeed gives a true picture to deal with the question papers of CA . How ?


Let’s carry on --

Starting move

That’s the main essence of game. How you take first step will totally determine your whole attitude in the game. Just like same words in examination “first impression, last impression”

Precautious approach.

Suppose you make the move of pawn to open up the elephant’s move, it means that you will not be too fast in your moves in initial steps….

Controlling approach.

Otherwise if you move forward the pawn next to queeny, means you are using defensive approach…….


If someone is opening its queeny first, then you may think he will surely play the best….means the game is going to be more than tough because my queeny is still unable to move.

Just like tough question comes in exams…we feel that examiner had given all tough question …now what next move can I take ….

In short a doubt to pass situation ?

Finish the queeny

If you are able to finish the other’s queeny then you have won almost 80%. Just like that if you attempt the difficult question properly…the examiner also gets a good impression upon you.

Special move

Hmmm…we all know what’s the special move in chess. The horse move which plays 2 n half move….in 8 directions, which cant be controlled by any one ,…not even by queeny.

Just like our 1st question which is compulsory + mixed with all sort of question.

As its said “a person who understand the moves of horse means understand the whole game properly.”

So be cautious with this kind of question can be a boon or cracking bone …whats your choice?


The main rule of this game is attention .No matter how smart moves you make, how intelligently you cut the queeny…but still “nazar hati durgatana gati”

Just like no matter how matter how good your idea is , still incomplete without presentation. Because examiner ki  “nazar hati durgatana ghati”

So the answer should be done in such a way that captivates the attention of the examiner.

Finishing move

Ending the game is also a big challenge. You have cut horse, queeny, elephants, camels, pawns ….but still alone king can declare the game drawn by his 32 moves.

Just like that beginning as well as ending is more than important. So make your last sheet also neat and clean .



Chess  and exam are the game of attention , devotion and passion.


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