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Campus placement program for newly qualified CA's

Sathish M , Last updated: 13 August 2014  

Campus Placement Program for Newly Qualified Chartered Accountants August-September-October 2014

“Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs

After having passed one of the toughest examinations, most chartered accountants face an uphill task in deciding , what to do next? Whether to join employment or start practice and these questions are part and parcel in a CA’s life. But, the most important thing one must understand is to decide what is best in his/ her interest by listening to the inner voice as quoted by the great Steve jobs in the above quote.  

Here, I have made a small effort in unraveling the nuances of applying for campus placement. This is just a bird’s eye view, readers discretion is required to be applied in knowing the exact contents from the official portal of ICAI regarding campus placement.


The Committee for Members in Industry (CMII) of ICAI facilitates in organizing Campus Placement Programs for Chartered Accountants.

Prospective Employers:

Corporate, Banks, Firm of Chartered Accountants etc.


Fill up initial details for validation of data on website:

1. Newly Qualified CA of May 2014 attempt

1st Round of registration of candidates (submission of form) for May, 2014 CA Final qualified (and others as mentioned below) - http://placement.icai.org/new_cand.asp?typeofcandidate=F

Start Date

20th August 2014

End Date

25th August 2014

2. Other than newly Qualified CA’s of May 2014 attempt

These include Members qualified in:

i. Nov 2013  

ii. May 2013 or

iii. whose results were declared in revaluation/re verification after 21st February, 2014 and all covered in (i) and (ii) completing their article ship and GMCS between  01st May 2014 and 31st October 2014 –


Start Date

26th May 2014

End Date

10th August 2014

2nd round Registration of candidates for Bigger centre’s only: 3rd September, 2014 (Up to 05:00 PM).





Big Center


4 Metros(Del, Mum, Chen and Kol) + Bangalore and Hyderabad

Small Center


Ahmedabad, Baroda, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Ernakulam, Indore, Jaipur, Kanpur, Nagpur, Navi Mumbai, Pune, Thane, Trichur and Vasai

Total in Numbers


Submission and Updation of bigger centre choice: 15th September – 16th September 2014(Up to 11.P.M):

a) The candidates who would opt for the smaller centre as first choice and bigger centre as their second choice would be mandatorily required to revalidate their form and Second Choice centre during 15th September – 16th September 2014 (Up to 11:00 P.M) to receive their Centre Code for bigger centre(i.e. DEL-etc,).

b) The candidates who would opt to appear at only One Bigger centre shall also be required mandatorily to update/revalidate the choice of centre during 15th September – 16th September 2014 (Up to 11:00 P.M) to receive their Centre Code for bigger centre(i.e. DEL-,) The same shall be mandatory for the inclusion of their database with the bigger centre’s. After the said period, no communication shall be entertained in this regard.

Campus Interview Schedule:

Kindly check the actual dates as mentioned in CMII website

Orientation Program:

Check the dates and locations from CMII website for orientation programs

Indicative guidelines for Candidates:

Registration Fee

A Non Refundable Registration fee of Rs 250/- be paid by the candidates who wish to apply for the Campus Placement Programme August-September-October 2014.

Only 4 interviews per candidate 

A candidate can appear for only Four interviews irrespective of the fact that he/she is short listed by several organisations

Eligibility criteria

The candidates who fulfil the following criteria are eligible to appear in the Campus Placement Programme to be held in August-September-October, 2014:

Clearance of Final Examination of Chartered Accountancy Course

Completion of Article ship/GMCS Course

Submission of Application for  ICAI Membership*


May, 2014

Completing their article ship and GMCS latest by  31st October, 2014

15th November , 2014


Nov  2013, May  2013

Or whose CA Final results were declared in revaluation/re verification after 21st February, 2014.

Completing their article ship or GMCS between 1st May 2014, and 31stOctober, 2014 and have not applied in earlier Campus Placement Programme.

*While attending the Orientation Programme/Campus Interviews candidates should either carry the relevant proof of applying for the membership of the Institute or should submit a written declaration that they would apply for the membership by dates as mentioned above.

# In the cases where the candidates clearing their CA. Final Examination in May 2014 and have completed their Article ship and GMCS by 31st October 2014  but have not attained the age of 21 years shall be not eligible to participate in the Campus Placement Programme August-September 2014 on providing an undertaking that they shall be obtaining the Membership of the Institute immediately on attaining the requisite age.

Mandatory Orientation and pre-placement talk

Shortlisted candidates must mandatorily attend the Orientation programme & Pre-Placement talk

Dress code

Dress Code as prescribed and approved by the Council for the Members of ICAI has been made mandatory for attending the Campus Placement Programme August-September-October, 2014. Kindly visit  http://placement.icai.org/imgs/recommend.pdf.

Online Updation of Bio data

Candidates opting for bigger centres may update their bio data online on Placement Portal http://placement.icai.org during 15th September – 16th September 2014 (Up to 11:00 P.M) and would be required to necessarily update their choice of bigger centres during this period to receive their Centre Code for the bigger centre, otherwise their database would not be merged with the bigger centre of their choice for short listing.

Merger of database

If any recruiting entity from smaller centres does not select the candidate or candidate does not accept the offer, their database would be merged (after updating the form within the date of re-submission) with the centre of their second choice from the bigger centres. Also these candidates would be given Four fresh chances to select recruiting entity at second choice centre.

Signing of the Offer letter

Upon acceptance of offer by signing the offer letter, the candidate cannot appear for any other interview or accept job from the recruiting organisation that have interviewed him/her earlier.

Last dates for filling up online application

The last dates for filling up online application forms for the candidates, short listing details, consents for appearing in the interviews of the various recruiting organizations will be as per the details given on http://placement.icai.org.

Short listed candidates to access recruiting company’s information

The shortlisted candidates from the respective companies are required to go through the Online Presentations hosted by the recruiting companies in their login which would provide them details regarding the Job Profile, Place of Posting offered etc.

Important Feature in Campus Placement Programme:

Two round of short listing by companies: At each of the centre, the recruiting entities companies may shortlist twice.

Step 1:

After first round of short listing by companies, the shortlisted candidates would mark their consent online.

Step 2:

First round of consent date will be closed and now recruiting entity can see and shortlist the remaining candidates from that particular centre and following data will be visible to recruiting entity for shortlist.

a. candidate who have not been shortlisted by any recruiting entity till now

b. candidate shortlisted but  have not given consent to any recruiting entity

c. candidate has given consent to 1-2 recruiting entities only till now

Step 3:  

Again the candidates shortlisted in second round can give their online consent.

Step 4:

Second round short listing will be restricted to total vacancy * 15 times i. e (previous consent + new short listing total =vacancy* 15 times).

Candidates who will unable to give their consent in first round of short listing cannot give consent after start date of IInd round of short listing.

Complete Submission of online Registration form

The Submission of the form for the programme would be complete only after making the online payment of Rs 250/- after clicking the Submit button once the Registration Form will be completed.

a. After completing the profile at  http://placement.icai.org at the time of submission of form it will take the candidate to payment gateway to make the online payment.

b. After confirmation of payment receipt at our end candidate would be allotted a centre code by CMII of ICAI.

Update consent

Candidate can update their consent within consent date any number of times i. e they can delete/change their consent already marked within the designated last date for giving the online consent.

Pre-Placement Talk (PPT):

1. It has been decided to reintroduce the Face to face Pre Placement Talk (PPT) to be conducted by the recruiting organizations after the candidates Consents (Both Rounds) before the Written Test at the bigger centre’s only. Also the existing practice of hosting of PPT by the recruiting entities online in their login on  http://placement.icai.org which is visible in the candidate’s login also for their information shall continue.

2. Attending of PPT at the bigger centre’s by the shortlisted candidate would be mandatory.

Guidelines for the Orientation Programme:

1. The shortlisted candidates already attended the orientation program at the smaller centre’s is advisable not to attend the orientation program at bigger/metro centre’s after the merger of the database with the second centre of their choice.

2. If the candidates has opted only for one centre which is a bigger centre for interview the shortlisted candidates is advisable to attend the orientation program at any one of the bigger centre’s only.

3. Attending the Orientation Programme shall be mandatory for the shortlisted candidates.

Steps for submission of online form for candidate on http://placement.icai.org/ for campus interviews

Candidates who have qualified CA final in May, 2014 examination and are eligible

Step 1:

Initial registration: 

Click on  http://placement.icai.org/new_cand.asp?typeofcandidate=F and generate your password after filling up the initial registration details.

Step 2: 

Click on  http://placement.icai.org/ca_login.asp?typeofcandidate=F and logged in by giving your CA final roll number as user name and password which you have chosen earlier .Fill the registration form which is divided into six parts.

Step 3:

Submit your form and make the online payment.

Step 4: 

After which you will receive a centre code like DEL-..,MUM-..etc that means you have successfully completed initial steps.

Step 5: 

After the successful completion of registration, candidates should take the print out of the Print Profile and the Photo Identity Card which they are required to mandatorily carry while visiting for the Orientation programme and Campus Interviews.


As said by Napolean Hill – “The starting point of all achievement is desire”. Hence, wish you all a great beginning in this new avatar to succeed and fulfill all your dreams.

Kind regards,



The CMII of ICAI reserves the right to change its policy at any point of time as per its discretion.

Note: Please visit the official website of CMII - 

http://www.cmii.icai.org/imgs/Announcement%20ASO14.htm for complete and comprehensive information

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