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It seems that 2009 was not a very encouraging year for many CA students, in terms of the results of CA examinations and also by the pattern and nature of question papers. Institute clearly indicated to test high level professional skills in the students by introducing “ticklish tryouts” in the 2009 examinations.
In this article we will explore CA Profession with elements having potential for making a strong future. Many interesting images of “tomorrows’ success” are quite easily ignored in the dark shades of trouble when the unannounced equations of article ship and studies totally absorb a CA student.
Here are some interesting strong points of Chartered Accountancy profession which not only offers a better tomorrow but gives us a greater transparency, pride and respect with high merits.
  1. WE IMPLEMENT DISCRETION IN ECONOMY: The progress of modern economy is purely based on materialism, money-wealth is the centre of all the rules and principles of economy but in Chartered Accountancy (CA) profession, ‘control over desires’ is the central focus where the wants and needs are properly channelized towards acquiring wealth with ethical means and sources, accretion and preserving.
  2. WHERE PATIENCE IS PUT TO TEST: With the entry so wide and exit too narrow, yet CA amazingly heightens is the perceptual line of an enveloped vision. For many CA students, experience of happiness and experience of sorrow are like when they come and where did they go. What remains is the patience that’s put to test. Those capable of knowledge and infatuated not to give up pass the test.
  3. THERE IS ONLY ONE RESULT: High lineage, respect, good personality and affluence are the fruits of this profession. On the contrary, the other effect is it gives a challenge to pass from grossness of changes and failures. It leaves two options for tomorrow – ‘High’ or ‘Low’ status of life, the one’s you should worry and care about to CHOOSE and WORK HARD.
  4. RIGHT ATTITUDE: Right attitude is the high point of CA profession. If you still wonder on the numbers of failures in examinations, higher than the success ratio, it is most likely the right attitude and seriousness that still many have not recognized. You read, learn and practice your syllabus but until it is released with beyond the bookish mindset, you won’t succeed.
  5. DISCIPLINED SYSTEM OF LIFE: Certain principles and codes of conduct and rules are absolutely essential which many students consider too harsh. However, this harshness is in every profession, it results in raising dignity for this noble profession. These are implemented only to make a students life more systematic and orderly which is equally progressive three-fold to which this profession is strong and sound.
  6. WE TALK ACCOUNTABILITY, BY LOCATING THE MISTAKES: Concept and holding of this noble profession is the trust others bestow and show towards this profession. People respect us for locating mistakes and helping them to shield their life savings with known and agreed rules of conduct. We facilitate areas to build a house which is neither too open nor a secret one. Such an expertise calls accountability which is the unique selling point of Chartered Accountancy profession.
  7. ETERNAL OPPORTUNITIES:  No other profession gives the freedom to advance the approach in a concrete success even in shortcomings and agonizing times. In other words, when other professions are affected by the economic downturn, our profession and professionals always remain adding wings in hostile skies successfully. There are a number of opportunities that CA profession offers enough to survive any adversity confidently.
  8. WE REFUSE TO RELAX: We don’t know what it is. We just know the word, that’s all. Every successful CA knows what exactly this profession takes. You’ve got to do and work for it. An updated mind and clarity in thoughts is the premium success mechanism which many other professions don’t offer with complete guarantee.
  9. A GOLDEN SERVING SPOON: NEVER in the foreseeable future will there be a mechanism able to construct “Financial Accuracy” and “Accounting Assurances” anywhere near comparable to CA professionals. Auditing software’s, Taxation tools and accounting Make-ups might be successful in advantages they carry, but the conscious CA vastly exceeds over computing systems easily. Science can build a Computer, but not the operator (CA). In other words, Chartered Accountancy is a profession which comes with no expiry date.
  10.  A HEALING SOURCE: When life shows you pain it necessarily does not mean to trouble you. It takes you closer to hidden capabilities which only get utilized once you walk through the hurdles. CA professionals dare to run around the vicious circle of nothingness and find something to recognize and make use of it. Chartered Accountancy Profession is intended to build courage and confidence among young professionals to jump the hurdles of doubt and indecision. It works as a healing source for the Industry to make aware of real potentials in competitive market and provide ideas for improvements.
In the end, just as a threaded needle does not get lost even when it falls on the ground, similarly Chartered Accountancy profession is filled with immense knowledge and endless happiness which is never lost. :-)

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