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The whole effort that a student puts to get passed in CA IPCC exam may be cast away only because of this particular paper. There are students who, after giving attempt after attempt, unable to crack this paper and becomes frustrated. But at a certain point of time, you really need to keep your frustration on your feet and move on.

Here I will be discussing how to recover from the failure. Instead of writing this article in a traditional way, I am writing this in a question and answer format.

1) How must time per day should I devote to this paper?

-- You really need to work hard. At least 4-6 hours per day is required for the remaining time before your exam (depending upon your capacity).Read this paper in the early morning in case you are studying IT. But if you are reading SM you may choose any time for your own comfort.

2) It's a well-known fact that ICAI has the power of strict marking. How much should I target in this paper.?

-- As a safe side you have to target 60-65 marks.

3) Should I give equal weightage to IT and SM?

-- Nope. You need to give much more weightage to strategic management. As this part is is easy as compared to IT part. You can remember this well. Make sure that you score at least 25-30 marks from this part.

4) Can I read Strategic management first and then go to IT?

-- Of course. Complete this part as early as possible. Confidence will boost up automatically if you finish this early.

5) Which material should I follow to study ITSM?

-- Undoubtedly ICAI material. Any other book of easy language may give you temporary satisfaction. But you cannot run away from the reality. You will be able to score good marks only by writing what is written in ICAI material.

6) How much coverage of syllabus should I do for the exam?

-- Question can be asked from anywhere. So don't skip anything.

7) It is like quite an impossibility to me to read the whole ICAI Study material. Is there any other way?

-- You can solve the following only: PM, Suggested answers, mock test papers, RTP of last few terms (to the extent possible).

8) In case of IT when I see video of a topic I feel confident. But as soon as I try to write down some answers I feel like forgetting the stuff. What can I do?

-- You need to understand that there is a gap between what you understand and what you write in the exam paper. What you write in the paper should be exactly what is written there in the book. (Especially in case of IT)

9) In case of IT what can be done to remember the chapters?

-- Write, Write and write. That's What you have to do for the remaining days of exam. Once you finish a topic, write it down and then match with the ICAI material immediately. Note down your mistakes and write it down again. The more you write, the more is your chance of passing.

10) Is it essential to give mock test?

-- Mock test conducted by the ICAI is really worthy. Don't miss it. Else you can give online test. Even if it is not possible to attend any test, just download mock question from ICAI website and give test sitting at home.

11) I can't understand how answer should be written to get good marks in this paper.

-- Same as written in ICAI material. Also, Search and see the certified copy of the paper of a student who has got good marks.

12) How many times should I revise the entire syllabus?

-- 3-5 times.

13) Before the exam day, it is not possible for me to revise the whole syllabus. What to do?

-- Complete SM portion first. Then go for IT. You have to mark those questions which you find difficult to remember. Prepare those questions first. For remaining syllabus, just note down the points and other important stuff.

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