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So it's hardly a month to go now for the CA Final exams and all future Chartered Accountants would be busy either in completing the syllabus or revising the same. The major reason why students tend to struggle while writing their exams is the sheer volume of the syllabus.

We have so many textbooks available in the market and it won't be an exaggeration to claim that candidates are facing the prospect of having to read atleast 500 pages per subject multiplied by the number of papers they are going to appear for. Now this is where the concept of filtering comes into play and that is what separates the ones who clear and others who don't.

Just to give you an example, we have Allied Laws which is asked for 30 odd marks in Paper 4, for which we have materials which run into so many pages. Now if one takes the trouble to analyse the exam pattern and the kind of knowledge that the Institute expects it's candidates to have , the task will be a lot easier.

We have so many Sections printed which were primarily relevant at the time when that particular law was being introduced in the country, what we tend to refer to as transitional provisions. It is an absolute no-brainer that the probability of these provisions being tested in the exams is zero and again, even if a question is asked, whether a student would be able to reproduce what he read remains questionable.

As students, it is important to not get carried away by the volume of the syllabus and take efforts in the right direction which will definitely boost the chances of clearing the exams. This does not mean I'm advocating selective reading but it is imperative to stay exam oriented to tackle the syllabus. I know there's hardly any time left and this is a belated piece of guidance, but as they say - better late than never !!!!


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