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Examination techniques and tips

Though we all know how to write answers in the examination, however it is very important to maintain the presentation of answers along with the content in the professional exams like CA. You must have noticed in EXAMINERS COMMENT, STUDENTS JOURNAL, STUDY MATERIAL from ICAI and other authors there is always emphasize on presentation of answer sheet. Therefore, it is my effort to suggest some of these tips and techniques to present answer and handle the exams (INTERMEDIATE and FINAL). Each and every students appearing for Intermediate and Final examination must know some basic requirements of examination and consequently can follow the following tips and techniques.

1.  Arrive at the examination center half an before the exams time it avoids last minutes hurry thus provides you full relax and a relax mind always perform better than a hurry mind.

2. Question paper is provided before 15 minutes of providing answer sheet for reading purpose. We must utilize this 15 minutes effectively and efficiently. These 15 minutes is the planning time for performing in next 3hrs. This 15 minutes can be utilized best in following ways:

Before following any approach/ ways you must know that ICAI does not allow to write anything on the question paper and this is only for avoiding cheating. However generally invigilators does not disturb you for anything not causing violation of exam’s conditions, cheating, and hampering others.

As soon as you get question paper read the question carefully and clearly understand the asking part of each question. Give your best to read entire question in 15 minutes.

Must mark the question which is easier and which is difficult for you while reading the question. You can use your pencil to write in question paper if it is possible for you otherwise you have the only option to use your brain to remember this.

When entire question will be categorized in easier and difficult you will have the list of all the question and sub question in the easy ones and difficult ones.

After getting the answer sheet you must start giving answer from easiest to difficult ones. It means firstly complete all the easier questions and then move to difficult ones.

It is not mandatory to answer the question in serial order hence you can write the answer of any question one after another. But it is mandatory that answer of all the sub questions of a particular question must be together. However the order of sub question may be changed.

3.  As soon as you get the answer sheet firstly check its pages for any defectives or damages and if found ask to change it.

4.  Institute does not ask for most beautiful handwriting though it requires only neat and clean (eligible) handwriting. So maintain your speed form the starting.

5.  It is always preferable to keep margin on the right hand side of the answer sheet(at least for one cm.) it creates clean look along the left and right side of the page (same as we see in the book). Thus attracting the examiners attention. You don’t need to bother about left hand side margin because it is already there on the answer sheet itself.

6. It is better to write the question no. on the middle than left hand side margin of the answer sheet clearly attracting the examiners attention. Mainly left hand side margin is utilized by the examiners for allocating the marks.

7. It is strictly prohibited to use any unfair means like words JAI MA KALI, JESUS, KHUDA, or any symbol like OM, 786, CROSS, BLOCK etc. otherwise you will be penalized as per the institutes norms/ terms.

8.  On the first page of answer sheet there is a marking/ tick out section for the questions you have attempted. You must tick out against the question you have attempted to intimate the examiners to check out answer thus avoiding missing out from checking. It is to be noticed that once results are out revaluation of answer sheet can be made and not the rechecking.

9. It is to be noted that marks are allotted by steps marking approach in all subjects. Thus if you don’t complete full answer but you have completed a question to some steps correctly you will get full marks that step contains. So if you stuck in some step/question move to other steps/ questions without wasting much time (more than one minute).

10. Institute asks to use only blue or black ball pen. However it more advisable to use Blue ball pen. It is strictly prohibited to use gel pen, or ball pen of any other color like red, green, pink etc. other than blue and black.

11. If question ask to comment always write answer in paragraph and if question requires the answer in points always write it down in points and not in paragraphs. Writing answer in points is an excellent way of presenting your answer and will definitely fetch more marks then paragraph style writing.

12. You can underline the crux words of the answers to attracts examiners to that words and it may make your 1 mark to 1 and half mark.

13.  Working Notes are as important as main solution of the questions. Hence must make working note for each and everything necessary to make and also give assumptions if you have followed for solving the question. You must have noticed that institute mentions “working forms part of your answer” and “give suitable assumptions wherever is necessary”.

14.  Draw FORMAT for presenting the answer. It is advisable to use pencil for drafting the format. However, in professional examination like CA there may be unknown question thus it may not be possible for you to draft proper format. So, you should not pressurize to yourself.

15.  If any question requires making any statements then the amount must be written on the extreme side of the left hand side margin.

16. Whenever you leave blank page for answering the question latter on must write “P.T.O” (page turn over) below the page to remind the examiners there are still some answers in further pages.

17. If you are answering in blank page you left earlier and it comes short for writing answer you can continue it from other pages but don’t forget to write “CONTINUED ON PAGE NO. …..(write the page no of answer sheet)”. You must have noticed that answer sheet bears the page no..BUT REMEMBERS IT IS NOT PREFERABLE IT IS USED ONLY IN EXCEPTIONAL CASE.

18. Don’t forget to use the units like rupees, per kg, cms, per units, no.s, lakhs, etc. while answering. Also try to quote sections, clause, auditing/ accounting standard if you are 100% sure otherwise leave quoting that. These all are the garnishes of food dishes making it eye appeal.

19. Indian Rupee sign was adopted in 2010, Being a professional you must always use this symbol and not the Rs. for expressing the amount in rupee.

20.  It is always recommended to give the answer of all questions in spite of the fact you know only one percent about it.

21.  It is advisable to start answering the new sub question or question from the next page/ fresh page.

22.  You must answer according to the requirements of question. And for this you have to understand clearly what exactly the question is asking for. Following shall be noted (for practical subject):

For helping out in this I see the question in two parts- A) ASKING PART; B) INFORMATION/ DATAS/ DETAILS PART.

ASKING part is exactly what you are supposed to write to fulfill the requirements of question.

To answer the asking part INFORMATION/ DATAS/ DETAILS part are given to be used while answering.

In most of the cases (almost in 90%) asking part can be understood just by reading FIRST LINE and LAST PARAGRAPH of question.

23. Theory question has one advantage that it tells you at very first of reading question whether you know the answer in full or not whereas practical question does not have this advantage. How, because any single point/ items which you don’t know cause you stuck while answering the question. Thus some teachers advise for practical paper like accounting, taxations, costing and financial management etc. to try to attempt first the theory part of the question.

24. If you are answering the theory question always put a heading for that and underlines it, leave one line and start writing (same as we see in the book).

25. While writing the theory question leave one line after each paragraph (same as we see in the book).

26. It is always advisable to appear for both groups. Because if you are pass subject wise but not cleared in aggregate by two three marks in a group and your another group has extra marks than requires for passing then these extra marks can be set off for passing in that failed group. However, you are the best judge for your own decision for appearing in the examination.

27. Never ever take any discussion on the papers you have appeared for examination either with any of your friends, relatives, yourself or with any person whosoever. Because if something wrong has been made that cannot be rectified but it will definitely leave a bad impression in your mind that might affect your preparation consequently affecting your next paper in examination hall. It is better to pack all paper and not to be opened till exams are over.

28. It is advisable to attempt big question at the end.


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