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A big hi to allsmiley !

This is November month. And  I am  trying a different tack.  So, I am going to talk about communication skills.  With good communication skill a person can gravitate people towards himself with ease.

So here are some points , which will surely be helpful while doing business communication :-

A bit preparation - 

Before communication, we must do a bit of preparation. Our ideas must be clear and concise about what we really want to say. So it will be a good idea to jot down all key point on paper. So that,  we can discuss them topic by topic. In this way, we can present our point in logical order . In addition we don’t need to jump over topics.

 It will be more good if we can rely on our memory.

Confirm information - 

Sometime we want to confirm about what we have heard.  Asking something again can really cause a disturbance.  Sometime the information can be cumbersome to be remembered.  In such situation , confirmation method really work good.

If someone says “ I can meet you at 5.30pm  tomorrow.”

Your answer to confirm the same will be  “ Right, 5.30”

Or  yes, I’m free on 5.30.

In this way , you are not asking the person to repeat his words. But still your information is confirmed.

Limit option.

If we keep too many options, then our discussion will be open- ended.  Just look at the below sentence  and then you can easily get a picture of what I want to convey .

1st example :- Did you done your audit work ?

Or this can be :- Did you checked all voucher and balance amount of fixed assets ?

It should be noticed that courtesy is not hampered during limiting options. Otherwise, It can distort your image easily and you can be treated as dominating character.

Message –

Sometime we need to just leave a message for the person either on phone or e-mail.  It should be noted that your information should be in proper order to make it more presentable. The order can be –

1.Your name 

2. Your company’s name

3.Your purpose

4. Your contact no.

Writing a message carefully become more prominence when the information is critical and clumsy.  And , it become more embarrassing sometimes, when the receiver say “ sorry , I can’t understand what you said”

Conclusion :-

Be patience, prompt and wise so that you need not dread of any business communication.



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