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Burning the 3 bridges to rebound from CA failure to success!

Mythreya , Last updated: 25 April 2021  

Burn the three bridgesbouncing back to success from CA Failure!

There are many strategies to clear CA but once a failure comes it sort of depresses even the most confident, the most brilliant student. It is as if someone has branded him or her as Useless. This is a mere perception and for most part of it, the student himself/herself seeks such misery, loves such misery and keeps misery as a company.

Misery loves company...

Misery according to me is a tool. Yes, that is what this Mythreya says unto you:

Use misery as a tool!

Sorrow is a tool for sorting your thoughts out, to make you wiser. Without this boon of temporary failure, you will become a loser in life in not being able to taste what failure is and keep you humble.

So what the hell can I do after I flunked (or left) this attempt? I feel sick inside and am putting up a great show for others convincing them that next attempt I would ace it all and get a super-rank.but deep inside I feel like even clearing seems a big ordeal...these thoughts keep revolving in one's psyche...

Mythreyas prescription: Matchstick (metaphorical) and a matchbox (metaphorical again)

These are the simple secrets which no one will tell you even if you pay a million bucks.For these are experential truths.So smart-up and read carefully what Im gonna say now...

Strike the match-stick onto the matchbox and burn these three bridges below and then success is assured. Trust me it looks simplistic but it works.Read this article with my other earlier articles,each carry lot of tips and advices for you all.

I have helped many a friend of mine by this simple lighting the matchstick and burning the three bridges to get CA success.

I use the term Matchstick and matchbox because they are the easiest means to set a thing on fire.You can alternatively produce fire by rubbing two Flintstones or using a magnifying glassliterally many ways to start a fire.

Matchstick is an idea and matchbox is your mind. When you keep mulling the idea which I say(as in burning the three bridges) suddenly a fire sprouts forth just akin to you hitting the matchstick onto the matchbox.

First Bridge to be burnt:

Burning the bridge of past standards: 

There is a bridge which connects you to past standards. Anytime you sincerely want a change, the first thing you must do is to raise your standards. History chronicles the inspiring examples of people like Leonardo Da Vinci, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and many others who took the magnificiently powerful step of raising their standards mentally.

Write down all the things that you dont like about yourself or your life or even as specific about your preparation (the way you are preparing).Things you no longer want to tolerate.

Then write down the opposite listthings you wanna become.that which you aspire. Demand yourself of this.

The same power which was available to the great people mentioned above is available to you by even this simple step.if you have the courage to claim it, i.e

Changing an organization, company, country, world, etcbegins with the simple singular step of changing yourself.

You need not change the worldbut you can change YOURSELF and create a new life for yourself and this begins by lighting the first matchstick in your mind-match-box and then lighting up the bridge which connects you to your old standards.

Create a new standard to adhere by in terms of preparation, coverage of syllabus, etc.

Seek inspiring ideals. Students who have cleared with a rank, students who cleared the exam with amazing stories,etc. Dont approach them with stupid jealousies which many morons possess, for successful people(Jealousy is a direct indicator of how much worth you have for yourself inside you) are people who get inspired not jealous! Many get easily jealous of such successful people and try to find fault with them Aaaw! He (or she) was luckyplain lucky.ICAI has conspired against me else I would have cleared and he (or she) would have failedICAI correction is really erratic else how  can he/she clear the examthis is stupid!by all such comments (even if made in the mind) fools no one except yourself.ultimately the person who is stupid is the person who makes such comments.

Cauterize these jealousies for they connect you to your old standards of living (mentally).Be open and be appreciative.

CA is not merely a course for dusting books, reading and clearing the exams. It gives life-experiences. Failure is one such life-experience but the greater experience is the learning curve after failure and how you cope with it and rise like the proverbial Phoenix from the ashes.

Like Obama maybe I should say: YES YOU CAN!

Burning the bridge of Self-limiting beliefs: 

Burning the bridge to past standards of thinking and mental-living is one thing but burning self-limiting beliefs is yet another thing. Both are related somewhat but there lies a difference.

A student might now have higher standards but then if he or she believes that he or she cannot do it or live upto the old standardswhat happens? Squat happens!

You have already sabotaged yourself the moment you think that you cannot meet them.

In all probability you wont even try!

Youll be lacking that sense of certainty which allows you to tap the deepest capacity thats within you even as you read these lines typed by me.

I type with all sincerity from the bottom of my heart that you should win! Please start now!

Our beliefs are like unquestioned commands, telling us how things are, whats possible, whats impossible, what we can do and can not do!

Yes! You can!

How much do you think Gandhi would have accomplished had he not believed with every fiber of his being in the power of non-violent opposition? It was the congruence of his beliefs which gave him access to his inner resources and enabled him to meet challenges which would have swayed a less committed man. Many would have loathed or guffawed at the idea Are you crazy? You wanna fight British non-violently? They will beat you black n blue.take care hahaha!

However, Gandhi was unfazed. This is because his empowered belief system made him believe that he could work his destiny and entwine it with that of India.

Empowering your belief systems in all ways possible is the second step and for this you need to burn the bridge of past beliefs (negative ones).

Yes You Can!

Finally comes the third step of burning your past strategy:

Einstein put the definition of insanity as Trying the same thing again and again yet expecting different results to come by!

Sometimes, trying the same thing albeit with a gap of time, helps... I dont deny this. Maybe this time a question did not come from the chapters you have read but next time it might be all from the chapters you have learnt.

So, one must use Einsteins definition with caution and temperance.

In order to keep your new raised standards and newly committed beliefs, you need to work out a new strategy.

This is the third step and when you have worked out the first two steps, then this step automatically comes to many students.

However, I still delineate this as a step.

The best strategy to change a strategy is to find a role-model who closely resembles you in your background and mental makeup and who has gotten the success. Learn how the person does it,what his/her core beliefs are, what was his knowledge-approach, etc.

Be open, be humble, be appreciative of the guys wisdom. Then adapt what he or she has mentioned to your life-situation and carefully chalk out a new strategy for yourself.

If you dont strategize for success then you plan to fail automatically as if by default, unless some happenstance comes in-between to create a serendipitous circumstance for you to get success.Dont believe in such illusory serendipity.

Will you be able to strategize anew then?


Will you be able to follow these simple burning procedures I have given above?


Let us Indians unite like this and burn all such greater bridges which tie our country with failures. This is my ultimate dream. We, Indians CAN do it.

Make a start today, however, with something as simple as a CA Failure and


Best wishes,



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