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The Indian economy is not in the best shape right now, making the second budget of Nirmala Sitharaman even more significant. It needs to announce measures to boost the economy and appease growing sectors of society. For some time now, the average guy has been waiting for a reduction in income tax rates. A keen India awaits what a ' Big Bang Budget ' might be. Okay, on February 1 we'll hear if the FM is going to bite the bullet it time around.

Budget 2020 Survey - Common man wants income tax cut and incentives to spend

Anything else does the Indian average expects from the EU 2020 budget? A recent survey by the social media platform Local Circles has found that many people want the administration not only to cut taxes but also to announce steps that will encourage spending.

There is actually no tax on people under 60 years of age up to Rs 2.5 lakh's annual income. Respondents were asked if that would influence the government. The study revealed that 69% wanted the cap to be raised to Rs 5 lakh, 18% to Rs 3 lakh, and 7% wanted the limit not to be modified. Finally, 2% said that it would be reduced to Rs 2 lakh.

Over 44,000 separate members participated in the local circle's survey and over 80,000 votes were collected from voters in more than 250 districts to India.

More results of the survey are given here.

Measures to increase spending Respondents wanted the government to implement other tax-related measures and spend more. Roughly 13 percent said that the deduction from domestic tourism should be made up of Rs 50,000 per year, 10 percent said that the deduction should be made up of Rs 25,000 per year for school or professional education, and 1 percent said Rs 50,000 should be deducted while buying a car. The government would look for other ways, 16% said.

Restructuring LTA


Leave Travel Allowance (LTA) is an important component of compensation arrangements because it provides workers with the requisite content to travel during holidays to receive the tax rebate for a certain amount. Once questioned how the government would restructure LTA benefits, 24 percent announced that they should be available annually rather than every two years, and 31 percent said that people would be allowed multiple trips within the specified LTA stage.

The standard deduction for the salaried class


A standard deduction of Rs 40,000 was introduced in Budget 2018 rather than the medical and transport allowances, which in the 2019 interim budget was then elevated to Rs 50,000.

The survey found that 53% wanted to increase the standard deduction in Budget 2020 to Rs 75000 per year, while 9% wanted the current amount to be maintained. Roughly 18% said the government should eliminate standard deductions and allow deductions based on receipts.

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