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Budget 2008.. A write up

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Reference No:                                                                    Dated: March 3, 2008


The Editor





The Union Budget 2008 is a populist –election Budget. Something for everyone is given but the quantum of total concessions is questionable as the Primary Deficit is increased from Rs. -28318 Crores, Revised Estimates for 2007-08 to Rs. -57520 Crores Budget Estimates 2008-09, from where this huge deficit shall be met?, naturally from tax payers-common citizens also –from future budgets by levying more taxes and other harsh measures.

It is important that all benefits actually reach the persons for whom they are meant.


The emphasis is on Agricultural sector mainly farmers .Their outstanding loans are waived. The Burden is on common men only. No measures are implemented for an increase in farmers incomes and to make them financially self sufficient.


Middle class shall be benefited by cheaper goods of daily use, comforts and luxuries especially Small Cars and 2 heelers .But where are roads for them to run?


On income tax measures – Standard Deduction for Salaried class must be reintroduced. Middle class is benefited and poor is not concern as they are outside income tax net. It is good that basic income tax exemption limit is raised for individuals –men, women and senior citizens. But the criterion of age of senior citizens is not at par with National policy of senior citizen of 60 years. Still for tax purposes it is 65 years. The income of senior citizens is mostly not enough to meet their all expenditure especially on medical grounds –those who have no children to look after them, badly require financial help for medical –it is better if government looks after all medical expenses of senior citizens and draft a scheme for it. Also they need more of shelter homes –who have no roof to live on. Is there any such scheme in the Budget? Income from Senior Citizens Scheme and Post Office Monthly Scheme should be totally tax free for at least Senior Citizens.


It is good that Banking Cash Transaction Tax is to be withdrawn.


There is also need to abolish wealth Tax Act; there is negligible revenue from it.

Minimum Alternate Tax (MAT) must be abolished.


 For simplification, surcharge, education cess and Fringe Benefit Tax can be merged with additional flat rate of say 2%.


To simplify and make income tax assessee friendly do away with Scrutiny at least for incomes lesser than Rs. 10 Lakhs, improve tax administration-make refunds available within three months , make halves of present time limits for all final decisions under each and every Section of the Income Tax Act wherever warranted. If any case is not decided finalized by the tax department within say one year it should be deemed to have time barred and deemed decision in favour of the assessee. Also it is observed many times that final order of notice and demand is only in the income tax department’s files only-assessees is just unaware of such a notice or demand as it never reached to him / her. Unless such a notice or demand is acknowledged by the assessee it must be treated as null and void.


To file all income tax returns by all assessees Saral Form 2D must be reintroduced for conveniences and simplification- as most assesssees can fill it without external help. To get required information guidelines can be issued stating therein to attach computation of income and tax omitting therein nil information-to have a smaller form of this computation.


Tax Deduction at Source limits are unrealistic and must be raised by double / triple of present limits.


The requirement of Permanent Account Number (PAN) for many financial transactions must be raised from Rs.50, 000 to Rs, 1, 50,000 –the proposed limit of tax exemption for all assesses.


 It is good that Service Tax exemption is raised from 8 Lakhs to Rs.10 Lakhs. But in order to simplify, the Service Tax -rates must be reduced to5% only with no deduction for Cenvet etc. Filling of Forms was very simple when Service Tax was first introduced. The same older FORM must be revived –with necessary changes required in Service Tax Act & Rules provisions.


On the whole it has positive and negative both sides, it is to be seen with positively by UPA supporters and negatively by opposition and critical persons!


My marks are 5 out of 10.




(Mahesh Kapasi)

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