Better Studying & Time Management

Work that is well done and finished on time leads to unparalleled satisfaction. A few ways to work through clutter and chaos and streamline work:

•Be realistic about your capacity. Do not take on more than what you can handle
• Estimate the time required to perform the task before starting work.
• A small task finished well is better than a huge task left undone.
• It is better to split a large workload into small portions and work on each separately. This not only helps in saving time but also ensures that quality is maintained.

Bite Sized Pieces

Is the prospect of having to wade through a huge lesson or worse - the whole syllabus, making you feel panicky? Relax. First tell yourself you can do it. Next step – assess yourself honestly and decide how much you can handle well without your concentration wavering. After having ascertained how much you can ‘chew’ determine the size of the ‘bite’. Assuming you can study one page thoroughly in five minutes, break down your lesson into ‘bite sized’ portions assigning five minutes to each page. Now take it one ‘bite’ at a time and before you know it you would have ‘eaten’ through the whole lesson and even ‘digested’ it well.
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