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Becoming a parent is probably the biggest joy of your life. When you hold the little bundle of joy in your arms for the first time, your happiness knows no bounds. However, stepping into parenthood also means that now you have to think harder about the future. To ensure the financial security, you have to start looking at different ways, especially while choosing the best long term investment plan . Doing so will help you maintain your lifestyle and also secure your child's future. Given life's uncertainties, you must take all the necessary steps as early as possible.

Life, by its very nature, is ambivalent. Nobody plans for misfortunes, and they often come unannounced. Now that you are a new parent, it is essential to keep these possibilities in mind when you are working on your finances.

There are many reasons to plan and look for ways to accumulate wealth as well as secure your future. Certain events can have an irreversible effect on the lives of everyone you leave behind. The best way to shoulder the burden and lessen the impact is to make timely investments into products like life insurance.

As the name suggests, life insurance is not just the best long term investment plan but also a crucial one because it will help pay for your family's way forward if you are not around anymore. In an eventuality, your family will receive the sum assured that will keep them afloat and help them get back on their feet. Think about the little one you just added to the family. Can you imagine if their dreams were to crash even before they learnt to see one?

What are the benefits of investing in Life Insurance

Insurance policies offer a two-fold benefit -  best tax saving investment and financial protection for your loved ones in your absence.

Now you are aware of how life insurance helps mitigate risk and provide a security cover to your family. Continuing further, we will discuss some more benefits that will help you understand its role in taking care of all your financial liabilities and that of your dependents in your absence.

Benefits of Investing in Life Insurance

Reliable investment option:

Life insurance is the best long term investment plan because it gives you significant returns on the premium you paid throughout the policy tenure. Some plans will also rewardyou with the maturity benefit that you can use to pay for anything from your child's education to your daughter's marriage.

High rewards at low cost:

For a small amount of premium, insurance companies can give you substantial payouts. For instance, if you invest in a term insurance plan, you get extensive coverage, which can be more than ten times the premium paid.

Assured income:

With the right life insurance plan in your portfolio, you will never have to depend on anyone after retirement. Your life insurance policy is the best long term investment plan because it offers steady payouts to you in the form of annuities. This will work as your pension when you retire.

Tax benefits:

Life insurance is the best tax saving investment because anyone investing in this product becomes eligible for tax benefits under section 80 C of the Income Tax Act of India, 1961 .


How to Use Life Insurance to Secure Your Child's Future

How to Use Life Insurance to Secure Your Child's Future

Here is how you can use life insurance to protect your family against financial liabilities and safeguard your child's future in case of any eventuality.

Prepare a financial plan

Being a parent is a huge responsibility and an excellent time to look into the best long term investment plan that helps you build an emergency corpus and also leave enough to pay for life and health insurance. You can also supplement your life insurance cover with child plans that are designed to secure your child's future against life's uncertainties.

Invest in a term cover:

This cover will provide your family with the necessary financial support that will help them get through day-to-day life without depending on anyone. Use the online calculator to calculate the premium as per the desired sum assured.

Keep their financial needs in mind:

If you want to invest in a life insurance policy, then be sure to evaluate the financial needs of your family as well as your children to come up with the right sum assured. Ideally, your insurance policy should have an affordable premium and provide adequate cover to your family.

  Account for inflation:

Inflation can derail your calculations about choosing the right portfolio of investments. Keep the inflation factor in mind to choose your investments wisely.

Compare and choose wisely:

Use the online portals to assess the insurance policies, their benefits, pros, cons, and affordability. These factors together will give you a clear idea of the life insurance that is suitable for your needs as well as your pocket. You can also look for appropriate riders to enhance the scope of your coverage.


Life insurance plans from reputable insurance providers such as Max Life Insurance, allow you to avail of personalized insurance coverage, based on your needs and financial requirements. These plans also enable you to make an informed insurance buying decision after reading through the policy information and their benefits and limitations. Based on your age and annual income, you can purchase an insurance plan that fits like a glove to support your goals and future financial requirements.

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