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It has been long since I wrote any article in this esteemed website. I am sure all my friends who took their exam must have done exceedingly well and results will be positive for all you lovely people.

I wrote many articles about being CA and number of attempts don’t matter and all and yes I was criticized by many regarding it too. Now let me dig deep into it.

You know what, CA is not only a degree, it’s a recognition. When I decided to give break to my job and started preparing for it again, people criticized me to the core, but now when I look at the decision I made, I feel glad that I took that risk or decision.

When you go in the real world after completing this degree, only then you realize its value. Yes, I agree that struggles don’t end with being a CA only, but world seems to be lot better when you do it. You command that respect with it,

Initially you might find difficult to get a good job. With "good job" means job giving you salary which you desire and deserve. Here I will like to suggest my friends that take your initial period after being a CA as a training period. Look for job that will provide you much required growth, that will provide you more and more learning experience. You first priority should be to enhance your skill set. Your salary will increase with your learning. The more you learn, the more you will earn.

Don’t think CA as some magic that there will be red carpet for you after you complete it. There will be struggles, but that respect factor will always be there. Nobody will raise question on you. You will be treated much better than your counterparts who are graduates or MBA from some not that renowned colleges or even CA inters. This degree has that magic to command respect. You will get more salary then them too for sure.

But the main thing is your perspective. Learn more and more in the initial period. Increase your skill set that is what going to help you in the near future. Like an old wine, you will get better and better.

Continue reading about amendments, talk to your seniors about the various issues they deal with, try to learn as much as you can.

Like a doctor who gets better with his or her experience, it’s a same thing with CA too. 

CA is not a degree, it’s your recognition. Be confident that about it. You will realize it even more when you will go to represent your client in direct or indirect cases. Being "CA" in front of you, will automatically command that respect. You are CA, means you have better knowledge about the laws and taxes.

And those who are trying to be one, I will suggest that please don’t give up. I know it’s difficult but it’s just not impossible. No one cares about people who give up. Your passion will drive you towards your goal. So, never lose that passion that WILL, go for it. Unfulfilled dreams hurt more. It used to pinch me when I was a CA inter. There was a reason that I decided to give it another go.

Just go for it!


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CA Anurag Sharma
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