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Stress is the biggest cause of suicides in the whole world at this time. In china, there are 2lakh of death per year just  because of stress . And in India, this figure is 1.90 lakhs, the second highest in the world.crying

And you’ll be more amazed to know that 98% of the death happens not because of financial crisis or chronic illness, exam stress but because of emotional disturbance. Other factors also cause suicide but not to such  extent. So what’s the biggest reason that counts such high % of stress in this area.

Let’s find what’s the actual cause of stress. Stress the disturbance of mind. We can handle disturbance upto some extent.  In  the extreme level of stress, circumstances become more dominative in  nature which creates a fuss in the mind of the person and ultimately the person loses his balance.

He either become short-tempered  or used to stay alone. Some people tend to prefer sweets more or some people do same thing like watching TV or shopping for hours.

But such things tends to provide a short term relief , not a long term. So the problems remains the same , so the stress. People use to wander, why  am not upto my full energy. Why can’t I feel like doing something. Why I am not happy?

So the basic thing is  you have to do for just getting such a kind a stress:

Addiction: We almost have some kind of addiction which we uses while coping the stress, as I told above, the addiction can be different from person to person. So just see, when are you really becoming addicted. So that you can understand yourself before your addiction ends, and you again get into the sea of stress.

Reasons: after finding out, that you are addicted in real, now it’s time to turn on to find out the real cause. Just count all , each and every reason which is creating a problem in your life. Now you can assign such Problems into 3 categories :-

a. Minor problems, which are general in natures, and u can handle them easily.

b. Significant problems, which are you really trying to avoid solving

c. Important problems which are there but you have no control over them.

Minor problems :- Simple,  whenever you face such problems, just remember that this problems atleast should not be the reason of disturbing your temperament . So whenever such problems occurs like, you are waiting in traffic  and your boss is shouting for being late.

You already know this, that if you are late, your boss is gonna shout. So simple accept it and be ready to move on. When your boss shouts, just listen him patiently ,as you already know that it was your mistake.

Significant problems:  hmmmmm, now this seems tough. There can be some problems which are really so big or either  too cumbersome, that you can’t solve them right now. So,

a. Count the time ( If you can) to solve the problem.

b. What can be the outcomes if problem is not solved.

c. What is the actual cause( fear) that’s stopping you from solving problem.

d. Does delaying the solution will really provide solution?

Just ask yourself these question and make your own strategy to deal with the circumstances.

Important problems:

Hmmm, its  a critical one because, now your control is in another’s hands.  You can’t do anything about it. Like you have gone for an interview and waiting for the call announcing that you are selected.

Or it can be anything else, like someone is telling lie over something and you are waiting for that person to speak truth about it.  There can be such more situation.

The real quest is that you can’t do anything about it, no matter how much you fret about it.

Jannat  movie ka dialogue yaad aa raha hai,  jeet or haar ke bich ka jo waqt hota hai na  wo bahut mazedaar hota hai, because us bande ko  jitni jeet ki khushi hoti hai , utna hi haar ka darr hota hai.

Coping the stress:-

1. For solving important problems, there is one rule of buddha, be an audience   Because only than you can detach yourself from the situation and think what is actually going on.

2. Always eat fresh and healthy food. Eat fruits rather than juices.

3. Eat  banana, its really a good mood enhancer, as proved by science researches.

4. There is a saying , name your friends, And I can tell you who you are. So remember, how are your friends, always worrying or complaining about something or not.

5. Relaxation: while you are angry or sad, its sad to focus on your breath. Because with deep breathing, mind gets oxygen. And works in a more cool way.

6. Drink 15 glass of water daily.

7. Play with kids. As kids and animals are always very calm and enjoying. Animals are treated as more understanding and loving  when they see you in worry.

8. Exercise atleast half an hour a day.

9. Get indulged in a hobby like planting, singing, playing guitar. it also helps in the same way like meditation.

Finally, life is too short to worry. So never lose a moment in crying or being worry about somethingangel. Wo kehte hai na …. A problem which can be solved , need not to worry about it. And a problem , which can’t be  solved with worrying, so why to worry about it.



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