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Being Passionate towards studies

Updated on 08 April 2021


Being passionate towards the aim is big concern for everyone.  Passion is the magical power which ultimately cultivates the attention. Whenever we are passionately concerned about anything, we get ourselves fully indulged into it. Many people would say whenever I play cricket , tennis or  badminton. I feel so excited and passionate, that I just don’t wanna compromise with my skills. I just want to break my own level again and again. I just want to be the champion not for a day , but for every day I play.

But when this passion is connected with studies, we got struck with various traumas such as:

1. Actually you know I had too much office work. So I really can’t study.

2. Sunday! It’s fun day. Who reads on this day kiddo?

3. You know what I really tried, But I slept in spite of pouring continuous efforts into study.

4. I guess I have much more important work than studies. I can do study later on.

If you fall in all 4 brackets then your passion level towards studies is zero, at least for this moment. Don’t worry I am also not an exception. I have bunch of reasons for not to study + supporting family who never compels me to study.

So I was just thinking why it’s so difficult to create passion. E.g. if we have to force ourselves. Let’s see some differences which make my games so interesting and my studies so dreadful.

1. Benchmark:- In this digital world every game has a benchmark level for completing a level. Once you didn’t achieve it you would lose  the game. May be you have to begin it again, if you can’t beat that benchmark.

The same case doesn’t happen with our studies. If we didn’t understood one chapter, we can skip to the next. No one is forcing us to be perfect. 

2. Be blind:- There is just one rule to enjoy the game “ If you can’t win it, then make sure you get blind  to count your failures”  

Same thing never happen with studies. If someone scored low or get failure in 3-4 attempts, the failure will keep an eye upon their confidence level. Obviously it should be because exams are our final test and we can’t afford mistakes. But think for once, did we give the scope for our mistake? Answer is no. First we don’t cross our first benchmark level, then we are already ready to scold ourselves for not doing good.

Point is moving on. If there is failure, there must be some genuine reason as well. No examiner is having war with you.

3. Precision: - whenever anyone sees his game finish with 90%, 72% and then 95% accuracy. One can easily check what’s really not right. What should be done to make performance more and more enriching. The same performance can hardly be gauged unless you are or have a teacher to measure your performance.

Normally people focus on these kinds of points:

a. He studies all night long but couldn’t score good.

b. She is a rank-holder but didn’t got good job.  It means focus on experience.

I am not saying these kinds of contentions are wrong. But are we focusing on real logic?

These statements are useless until these are compiled with our efficiency level. When it comes to our performance we know, who we really are. We know our loopholes and fear points in our strategy. Make a list of every fear against every possible remedy.

Whenever we play any game, we think that game thousand times in our mind. If I took that step, then such move could be done, then this, then that. I could almost win it. Let’s try it again.


You can have the same attitude in studies if you already know on what level are you playing and upon which level you wanna reach. Because Passion is a feeling which is felt by heart but created through mind.

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