I was reading a blog where the author talked something very beautiful – “sooner or later, the critics move on”. 

Don’t you think that’s right?  Do you remember the person who had criticized you for starting the venture you always wanted by saying – “this is a rubbish idea, it won’t work”.  Where is he/she now?

Do you remember the person in your office who used to always criticize the efforts put in by management to improve the quality of processes and make life exciting for the staff by saying – ‘these guys have no idea how to run a business and they only think about themselves and not us’.  Where is he/she now?

Do you remember the guy in your school/college who used to always talk rubbish about our teaching system and how our education system needs a change, without having any clue of the ideas to change?  Where is he/she now?

Do you remember the person who told you that getting into IIM or doing CA or Engineering was not your cup of tea and that you should forget about doing these courses?  Where is he now?

There is always this lot of seemingly disgruntled people everywhere, who have one philosophy in common – ‘Life is not good and one should always criticize to make things good’.  They have this uncanny habit of making people realize that they are good for nothing and there is no way you should even try to attempt something good in your life.  Because for them, there is nothing good left in this life and whatever, if left, should be lived with remorse, criticism and pessimism.

I remember my study days when I was preparing for CA exams.  I had decided to opt for both the groups together and that didn’t go very well with some of my family members.  The reason being, some of my cousins had taken lot of attempts to pass the exams and some of them couldn’t even complete it.  As it happens in all middle class families, you are supposed to take advice from elder people and if they say no, then it means ‘no’ for you because it is deemed that you don’t have any wisdom to counter that ‘no’.   People were surprised how could I even think of attempting both groups together despite knowing that the trend has not been positive in the family.

The only way to not let you get disturbed with this ‘mischievous’ pessimistic class is to remain adamant on your ideas, to remain completely focused on your vision to do gigantic things and have a monomaniacal passion to turn things in your favour.  Things wont be easy, but they aren’t too difficult either provided you know what you want to do and you are completely determined to take that path.    

When you start treading the path of your dreams, there would be obstacles, you would definitely lose some battles, at times you might become dispassionate with your dream thinking was it the right approach to tread this path.  And in those moments you might also remember the above ‘mischievous’ class who had warned you of the consequences of taking risk in life.  His/her smiling face might bother you saying –‘see I told you not to take up this project or take up this professional course etc’. 

But you have to remain ‘PATIENT’.  Because:   

Sooner or later, your work speaks for itself.
Sooner or later, you find your way.
Sooner or later, you realize your dreams are not far away.
Sooner or later, your subconscious mind starts to accept your winner’s attitude.
Sooner or later, you WIN.

What is interesting and fascinating for me is that outlasting the critics’ feels like it will take a very long time, but remember your critics don’t have the Patience you have. 

Just be on your mission and life is surely going to be wonderful…

Good luck and stay blessed.

Authored by Nimish Goel who by profession is a qualified chartered accountant but by passion, is an active blogger.  Nimish has worked with EY and PwC in India and has also worked with KPMG in Europe.  He now runs a consulting company (www.ibadvisors.co) and manages his blog www.nimishgoel.com.

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