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Dear friends and members

How you can success the forthcoming exam?  Please borne in mind that better be late than never.  This means even if you not did your studies well till this moment and start studies even today have also the chance of success.

Give the positive feed back to the brain ..YOU CAN

 Are you willing for a good hard work today onwards?  If the answer is yes, then, start it now onwards. Give a positive feed back to your brain that you can clear and you are going to clear, that will automatically create a lot of powerful positive energy. Don’t mind even if you had failed just now or many attempts.

Regain your Confidence

When you fail, it will automatically diminish your confidence. If you continue to fail even after your good hard work also have the effect of loosing the confidence.  Here you first regain your confidence first.  Identify the reason for failure and try to find out a way for coming out of your problems. Please understand that it is a psychological only. But Change your focus from failure to for coming success and be think positively and do a good hard and smart work plan. Only the confidence is the key.

Framing a study schedule and stick on it

Make a formal study plan now onwards; fix a time table for various subjects and  try to adhere to the schedule.

Understand the pattern and relevant chapters with the help of scanners and suggested answers But never ever do a selective studies on that basis.

Effective study

Understand the logics, concepts, (Pros and cons)of every  subject.  Then try to make good notes then try to reproduce by referring to your notes and a quick revision on the same day. Please do the same for relevant area at least. But keep a good goal for clearing your exam.  The goal is your destination and you will find many means for reaching your destination

Take very tough subject in your good time and an easy subject for your non productive time. Pay more attention to weaker subject or weaker topics.

Revision>> Retention for exam>>better presentation for exam

Give more weight ages for revision. You need to retain whatever you had learned  up to the date of your exam. Only the effective learning will help you to retain the information over a long period of time. What is effective learning?  Understand the pros and cons with good clarity and quick revision of the same.  So do more quick revision that is only the solution.

Use following technique

Read>>>understand the pros and Cons>> Make a good note >>Try to repeat the main points with the help of key notes>> Quick revision on the same day>>

Nothing is impossible, You must work hard and smart the success will be yours for the coming exam

All the best

May your entire dream become true

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