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CPT the beginning of the studies of CA. So let’s first understand it's structure:-

Accounts:50 marks.

Law:50 marks.            

Economics:50 marks.

Maths:50 marks.

Passing criteria:100 marks.

Negetive marking:25 per question.

Normally people think,its not a subjective exam so they can easily dealt with it. But opposite happens with some. And the worse thing is,it happens again and again.The real question arise is why it happen again and again.

Let’s take an example:-

accounts-7     correct -10          incorrect-12
laws-12.25   correct -16          incorrect-15
economics-(-3.25)   correct -0        incorrect-13
quantitative aptitude-(-0.25)   correct -0        incorrect-1

In  the above case, we can easily see that accounts and law are just fine.Literally not.

But  economics and maths are more than worse totally terrible.To achieve min 50%,the one should focus to get average % first.

So the gist is People don’t lose because they can’t score 50 %.But they lose because they can’t save themselves from negative marking.So what could be the real solution:-

1.If you are smart,CA fraternity is smartest.They gonna focus those points which people overlook.

2.So atleast one reading of Institute material is compulsory.

3.No matter how perfect person you are,you can still commit mistakes.I am assuming that while attempting 10 question, your mistakes are 2/10.

4.In short you can even lose marks where you are perfect. 

5.Where you are already weak, your mistake will be 6/10.Means you lost more than you gain.

6.So where you are good,make yourself perfect.But where you are weak,make your at least performance satisfactory.

Analyzing part :-

Now it’s time to analyze your mistakes. I am talking about those questions for which you need to guess about answering them. Part them into three categories:-

1.Where you think that  chances of this question to be right is 80%

2.Where you think that chances of this question to be right is 50%

3.Where you think  that chances of this question to be right below 50%

Result part:-

If yourright answer belongs to just category,then only answer those question whom you are atleast 80% sure.If your right answer consists upto category 2,then you can answer questions where you are guessing upto 50%in the required question.

If you need to guess and your inner conscience doesn’t agree with your answer and you disagree with your answer and fall in third category.Then You don’t even dare to attempt that question.


1.This formula prevents you from negative marking.

2.You can easily check what questions you should not answer.

3.Taking test on regularly basis is necessary.

4.You have to study first of every subject to apply this rule.

Books :-

1.Study material is wide enough. It covers each and every prospect of the question.

2.Use cds and model test papers as must and do as many as you can.

3.For economics,I.C.Dhingra is best book which is really simple in reading.You might have referred the same in graduation. I did it so I can say,It gives an idea atleast.

4.Otherwise class 11 and 12 books really provide a good  backup.

5.A must solution book of maths  to practice maths.

6.Keep formulas in paper till you can’t keep them in your mind.

7.Even if you are weak in maths,you can save 20% from statistics part.Which is relatively easy.

8.You can prefer King Champion guide also,in case you don’t find I.C.Dhingra.Atleast this is available from every  Delhi university student.

9.For law undoubtedly refer P.C.Tulsian.The best book for self study.

10.In Accounts,you can also refer P.C.tulsian.

Lastly,I can say,

If I studied with the intention to be a failure and still passed,then you must remember that you are at least more dedicated than me towards your study.



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