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I had failed in CA Finals for the 4th time.

Every time I appeared in India's toughest financial examination, I prayed to God, 'Be with me at least this time, please. I can't disappoint my dad and mom. They have spent restless nights caring for me when I was studying.'

But it was the 4th time when both God and ICAI told me, 'Better luck next time.'

I was depressed. I had ruined the dream of my parents who wanted to see me as the first chartered accountants of the family.

I belong to a middle-class family where my dad had to work overtime to arrange for the necessary funds required for my education.

After the results were announced, I locked myself inside the room and cried for the next 2 hours. Then, I don't even know when I fell asleep on the floor.

In the evening, when I woke up, I decided to convey to my parents, 'I want to quit CA and pursue my part-time hobby of writing as a full-time profession.'

I had buried this hobby for a long time in my heart since writing wasn't considered a viable career back then. But it was high time that I do what I wanted to do instead of doing what this society expected me to do. However, things are often easier said than done. I knew I would crush my parents' dream and their expectations. My dad, who suffered from a brain hemorrhage attack, might disturb his health even more.

A Second-Split Decision of Quitting CA That Changed My Life Forever

It was a decision I had to take in less than a split second: convey my career choice or stuck in this position eternally.

I thought, thought again, and then, thought thrice. Finally, gathering all my courage, I decided to convey my career choice to dad and mom.

To this date, I remember the word-to-word conversation with dad from that evening. He was sitting on his armed chair in his room with eyes closed and was indulged in deep thinking.

'Dad, I want to talk. I want to convey something,' I whispered.

'Yes, Hardik. Tell me, I'm listening,' he assured me with eyes still closed.

'Dad, I want to quit CA and pursue writing.'

That evening, I realized why parents are called the most selfless creatures on this planet. Their love, care, and kindness towards their children are unmatchable.


I was expecting dad to open his eyes and slap me for wasting his money and my time. But instead, he opened his eyes, patted on my shoulders, and spoke, 'Hardik, I've always believed you and your capability. If you want to quit CA, I won't stop you. But then I have a few questions before you take up writing as a full-time career.'

'Yes, please ask.'

'First question. Will you be happy forever with writing? Won't the decision of quitting CA haunt you?'

'No, dad. I've thought about it. I genuinely want to be a writer.'

'Will you be able to earn enough livelihood for yourself and your family?'

'Yes, writing has a bright future. I will be able to give myself and the family the chances of living a good lifestyle.'

'Ok. Go ahead and do what you think is best for you. I'm standing strong with you in every decision you make,' dad assured and hugged me tightly.

Today, 4 years later, while sitting on the flight and traveling from Jaipur to Mumbai for a client meeting, I still think, 'What if I hadn't conveyed my decision to dad that evening? What if I had backed off?' I don't know the answer to these questions. Nobody else knows, either. But that split-second decision is the reason why I'm happy and satisfied with my life at present 😀

The Thrive recently featured me as one of the 'Top 5 Content Writers in India.' :)

Image I advise everyone who is not succeeding to quit CA?

No, I don't. Persistence and patience always pay off. Just because you're not succeeding in CA doesn't mean you should do whatever comes your way.

I quit CA because I had a clear career choice in my mind: I wanted to pursue a part-time hobby of writing as a full-time profession. Before quitting CA, I had already worked with a few companies as a freelancer, and I knew the dynamics of this field well.

That's why I was confident that I could quit CA and still be able to make a bright career in the writing field.


I always advise, "Quit not because you are fed up of trying something. Quit when you feel you can be in a better position than where you're at present."

Hardik is a content writer, a storyteller, and a personal branding consultant. He works with CAs, finance professionals, and startup mentors to build their personal brands on LinkedIn. You can connect with Hardik on LinkedIn.

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