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My Greetings to all the readers out there.

Today I would jot down a few advises or words quoted by a few well known public figure and a few by Anonymous , which I found worth sharing

1. "Six best doctors to cure your health in your life are Exercises, Diet, Rest, Sunlight, Self-Confidence and Friends"- Ratan Tata Ji

I totally second his views. Everyone’s body has a different biological clock. Whether you are a morning person or a night owl, you should include proper Interval of rests, intake of healthy diet, sunlight in the morning, (if possible) and physical exercises in your daily routine schedule. Such an habit should be inculcated at the earliest possible time of your life and should be regularly followed.

Even the fitness freak Bollywood celebrity Akshay Kumar has advocated the very fact that taking out at least an hour for your body in a day will take good care of your own self in a long run.

Now, How to gain self confidence?

I believe that everything we do is either connected to our mental state or physical state. There is no third possibility to it. So to gain and boost up your self-confidence you need to be fit both physically and mentally. If you have mastered these two dimensions of your life then you will tend to remain confident all the times.

We have scores of measures that can be taken up to be physically active including a few listed above, but to be mentally active, you have to be alert to the present moment. You need to stop juggling into your past events and future fantasies.

Making it simpler, I have a tip to share with you all which I have recently learnt from one of the videos of Sandeep Maheshwari, the renowned Motivational Speaker. Most of you might have watched it too. To be fit physically as well as mentally within a moment, you just need to take a deep breath, and say it to yourself “ I am Physically fit and Mentally Active” repeatedly for five minutes.

As soon as your brain receives such message it will automatically transport your mental state to an active zone and also you will tend to take correct and fit body posture instead of loosely held  body posture. The simple logic behind this activity is that your brain works according to the input you feed to it.

Now comes the sixth best doctor in the list which is Friends:

Never to miss out your social life. You may be burdened with work, responsibilities, commitments and or might be carrying a plethora of excuses to avoid socializing. But you must understand that socializing and getting back to your loved friends, near and dear ones once in a while will certainly bring unfathomable contentment to your mood. You might be making money in six digits, you might be busy with your career building but was this all you meant your life to be? If it is so, then you are living a robotic life. Keep a tab on this sphere of your life as well and do let your friends know that you think of them, you care for them, you value your friendship and relationships so much that you are even ready to take out some time out of your busiest schedule just to say them how much they mean to you.

2. "Sometimes Set No Rules to Life; Life is Neither a Race nor a Competition"- Anonymous

“He is 21 and a Chartered Accountant; Might be the youngest one I have heard so far to receive this degree. Kudos to him! And Here is me, still lurking in this endless loop of attempts”

“He has joined his father’s business. His father has a well-established reputation in the city, his business will flare like fire. Business Tycoon How lucky is he!”

“He has got a good hike of 25% this year. Wow! I could just make it to 10% only”

“She is such a good English speaker; she might have done a good English speaking course from a good place”

We are often traumatized by such baseless comparisons of our own self with others. Who gives us the right to compare the two people who have nothing in common? Or also what if two people have anything in common. We are living a different life. No two lives can ever be identical. We all are going through something which is different from others, we all are writing our own life stories in a different way.

You can never know the actual reality behind someone’s success. You can never gauge someone’s dedication, commitment, hard work, sacrifices behind any achievement. You generally see the end result but the journey is only walked by the person receiving success. Success is not an overnight thing, it is just an end product. You or I have no right to compare someone else’s life with yours or mine life. Doing so will bring you a level down.

Also, sometimes its better to set no rules to your life.

You need to destroy the idea that there is an expectation to do things by a certain age. You don’t have to be married with kids at 25. Its Okay not to have your dream job at 30 or to not have graduated by 22 years. There are no rules to life. Life is neither a race nor a competition.

But that does not mean that you start taking your life for granted. The only advise is that stop getting your life trapped into this vicious circle of expectations, comparisons and depression. Instead be flexible and welcoming to the changes and different chapters of your life.

If you set a strict rule to your life then you are in a way making yourself ready to suffer mentally in case your planning fails to work the way you wanted. Hence do away with any such habits of setting strict rules to your life.

With this, I conclude this write up. Hope the article helped you in a way or the other. Your feedbacks and responses would be appreciated.

The author can also be reached at gyatigupta1995@gmail.com


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