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A CA Student's Saga - Part 2

Member (Account Deleted) Guest , 22 January 2013  

Hi Friends,

I am again with my second story on my life and what mistakes I have made while preparing for my CA Final Exams. I hope you guys enjoyed reading my last story “A CA STUDENT’S SAGA” before. If you get time, please do read it.

In my earlier story, I did realize my irresponsiveness towards my needs of the family from me and how deeply I hurt their feelings. Even if I had failed in two attempts of CA-PCC in the past, I didn’t lose my hope. I made sure that whatever it takes, I will be a CA. With that vigor and strength, I did reach CA-Final. But it came out to be something else….

It took me 4 attempts to become CA-Final student but I forgot that this isn’t the time to relax as I had only 3 months to prepare for group-1 of CA-Final. If I had not loosened up and taken the similar kind of step of being casual in my approach which I had taken during my CA-PCC,I would have been a CA Today. I gave my 1st attempt in that casual manner and failed. It didn’t matter. I again gave my 1st group in Nov’12. And again I failed. That too even worse than the previous attempt. I am feeling a pinch about it but smarter this time by not getting emotional about it. I witnessed a large chunk of my batch mates who have become CA Today. I do feel bad about it. Lots of Negative Thoughts flow in your Solar System. You feel an unnecessary pressure within. At certain instant it does.

Soon, I asked myself a Question “Does it matter to you that They Passed” or “Will it matter to them that you Pass or Fail”. You don’t have to compete with anyone. It’s only you to compete with your inabilities. I know it is hard to study 1st group for the 3rd time but I WILL HAVE TO. I don’t have any option. I can’t live my life in guilt that I am not able to become CA. I always dreamed about it irrespective of the fact whether I am capable of it or not. Some Bastard came and said me to drop CA, it’s not your cup of Tea. Did I? NO. Because he is not in control of my dreams. He is just a piece of stone that comes in your path. So, Please don’t ever bother. You Don’t give a damn.

I at times get carried away playing games on my ipad. Or I start doing Facebook on my PC. And eventually I get so addicted to it that I Start Giving Priorities to all these Bullshit things over my CA Final Preparations. And you expect your Mom or Dad to keep a 100% Vigilance over your activities. It not that your parents don’t love you or they are careless. They understand your privacy and don’t want to interfere. But if I am not doing what has to be done, then it just shows that you are IMMATURE. So, I will list down certain areas where I did wrong and even it can the same in your case.

1.I started bothering about what others think about me.

2. I had very less time and didn’t bother to practice the subject’s life Financial Reporting and SFM by hand.

3. I knew that I fear “Corporate and Allied Laws” a lot especially Allied Laws, but I didn’t care to do it thoroughly.

4. I was over-confident that I got 59 in Audit in last attempt, so I took it lightly and now I got 39.

5. CA requires your regularity and sincerity. Also it needs your time and “THOROUGH UNDERSTANDING”. Remember it not your B.Com Exams. But I was more going into brief Understanding rather than in detail and I gave “Step-Motherly” treatment to CA Study. And that’s how I am here.

6. I heard Mr. Vijay Kapur, Director, Board Of Studies in the seminar who said that if you have completed your articleship, it doesn’t mean that you have to sit empty minded. Just start with something which is beneficial to your knowledge enhancement. Ask your Principal CA to engage you in some tasks. Or if you are quite sure that you are going to fail in that particular subject, start study. But Did I? No.

To become a CA one has to imbibe qualities of being hard working, responsible and well focused. I all the about above 6 cases it did show that I don’t have all these 3 qualities in me right now. I high Time now, START STUDYING, Please. Time is running like hell, Opportunities don’t come knocking at your doors. You Don’t have to worry about How much Package a CA gets or How long is it taking you to study. Start Savoring CA Studies. You have to love in what you do. In “3 Idiots” there is a famous dialogue “Kamyaabi ke peeche mat bhago,Kaabil Bano.Kamyaabi apne aap peeche chal ke aayegi”. Similar is in CA. I will have to make sure that I don’t compromise on Thorough Understanding of my subjects. I don’t have to mug up the things and Worm-it all the information in the paper. It is all in front of me now.

Well my Saga of being a CA Student will end after I become a CA. I will have to make an end of it. And I have decided that it will end. When Will you?

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Member (Account Deleted)
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