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5 ways to keep the stress away:

Exams have got over but not the tension. As the answer sheet still covers the mind at times. Leave exam sheets, we all still have many things to get tension like friends fight, Any big issue etc. etc. hmm so let’s  look over the solution:-

1. Come to the music please: When anyone is in tension music is the first thing came in mind to rescue. Well right!  But music doesn’t really provide a relief as per research saysblush. Because we use to prefer songs according to our mood. Normally while listening music people use to associate their memories (unconscious mind) which makes people emotional at times. And finally even after listening music for hours, people don’t feel energized.crying

My tip: Switch on the radio, your mind will get distracted with various things.wink

2. Har ek friend zaruri hota hai: Uljahane akele suljhane se or ulajh jati hai or agar kisi ki help li jaye to wo aasani se ek pal me sulajh jati hai” (anonymous). It means some problems get solved easily when you take help from others but becomes more complicated when solved by own.yes

About me: Don’t ask, whenever I am upset, I call every now on my directory list whether it’s my phone or Facebook friend list. devil

3. Do something new: Do anything which gives you pleasure e.g. dance  is  a good stress buster. You can try anything whether it’s a game, solving puzzles, watching movie or shopping (unless it doesn’t  become your addiction). Because new activity creates new signals in the brain which channelize the energy in another direction.  And ultimately helps in directing your unconscious brain which is the  reason of creating any kinds of feelings and emotions in the brain.

Well, my favorite movies in this list are baby’s day out and home alone series which will make you laugh till your stomach hurts.heartangelwink

4. New pupilYou might have heard this sentence from your old friends “since you have made new friends, your attitude has completely changed”. Yup! That’s right. Making new friends not just give new environment but also change  the mindset of a person in a new manner. It’s even seen that people are more comfortable in sharing their life’s important  secrets and decision with strangers more easily.

Need example: Watch the Hindi movie “Socha na tha”wink

5. Tarif pe tarifYes, this is the ultimate and the biggest solution to keep the stress away. If you are totally fed up with other options and have decided to go on solitude place and  live some more hours in silence to find the solution. Then this method can really work. Go to any place where you get lots of tarif (appreciation). E.g., my friend is really  good  at writing couplets. So she normally goes to shayri sites and get a better appreciation as well which really helps in freshening her mood. Now it's time to search which you are really good at.

The bottom line is:

Thinking about something is not bad unless it’s not affecting your peace of mind and performance at work. But if opposite is happening, it’s time to move on. Because a cool and calm mind works 1000 times better than  tense and disturbed mind. So be bindass and happy always heartenlightenedwink



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