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There has been a paradigm shift in the Indirect Tax structure with the GST rollout on 01st July 2017. It is really important to understand and assimilate the new GST in India, new compliances and the changes in processes in operating business.

The world of GST is ever growing and ever changing. In order to be GST Ready, one needs to be thoroughly updated with all the amendments that are being brought by the government.

With CAclubindia, you can conquer the GST world in more ways than one. So, let us understand the Top 5 ways through which you can be GST Ready with CAclubindia.

1. Regular reading of GST Articles and News on the CCI Website

With GST being the most talked topic of the town from the past few years, CAclubindia has always made sure that its readers are updated with every bit of knowledge regarding GST. Any recent news related to GST is updated on the CAclubindia website in no time. Therefore, the readers of CAclubindia always stay updated with the most recent news.

Thus, the first step to being GST ready is to keep yourself updated with the latest content that is being uploaded on the website. Alternatively, you can also access all GST-related content by clicking here.

5 ways through which you can be GST Ready with CAclubindia

2. Subscribing to GST Plus by CAclubindia

As we all know that the concepts of GST are sometimes a bit difficult to understand and that is why CAclubindia has a solution for this complexity. With GST Plus by CAclubindia, you can track of everything related to GST. It provides its subscribers with near to real-time updates followed by detailed analysis and interpretation of the law.

GST Plus has the following benefits

  • Featured Articles
  • Frequent Webinars
  • Frequent Podcasts
  • GST Briefings
  • Judgements and Advance Rulings, circulars, tariff classification, etc.
  • Daily Updates on WhatsApp
  • Unrestricted access to the GST Toolkit, which includes E-way bill, Rate Finder, Tax calculator, and Supply tool.
  • And Many More

The WhatsApp feature on GST Plus allows you to stay updated with all the recent judgements, notifications and circulars by the government authorities as and when they are issued. This is especially beneficial to stay updated anytime - anywhere and that too, on a real time basis.

GST plus provides with easy interpretation of difficult provisions. Many subscribers have been benefited from this platform. Also, it provides with updated course related to GST Returns.

For more details visit: Click Here

Or request us a call back at 011-411-70713

3. Enrolling for the GST Certification Course by CA Bimal Jain

CA Bimal Jain is a Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India since May 1994 and Member of Institute of Company Secretaries of India since December 2006 along with a Bachelor's degree in Law.

To help professionals and aspirants with the ongoing changes and to make them GST experts, CAclubindia has introduced the Certification Course on GST by CA Bimal Jain.


The objective of this Course is to provide knowledge of practical aspects of GST to all.

What do you get when you enroll for the course?

  • Detailed understanding of GST Provisions with Practical Case Studies
  • Analysis of open and burning issues in GST
  • Preparation and filing of GSTR-9 and GSTR-9C - Table wise
  • Divergent Judgements and Case studies from different Advance Ruling Authorities / HC
  • Exclusive Sessions for Questions and Answers
  • Understanding of all Recent Amendments and Implications

This GST Certification course is for everyone who wishes to learn and study GST and become an expert in GST or wants to become a certified GST practitioner with this GST Certification Course. This GST Certification Course will focus on practical aspects of GST with the support of the theoretical knowledge of the law and will build all the basics and advanced concepts in the mind of the students.

For more details visit: Click Here

4. Joining our GST WhatsApp Group to receive updates on the go

CAclubindia always makes sure that the readers stay updated with all the latest content and with all the recent amendments taking place in any finance related area.

Therefore, for all the GST readers, CAclubindia has come up with a new way to keep its readers updated. We are providing our readers with all the latest updates on a Whatsapp Group.

You can just join the WhatsApp group using these two links -


You will have to click on 'Join Chat' and you will be included as a member in the group where you will receive all the latest updates, news and recent amendments as well.

5. Discussing all the queries that you have on CCI Forum

CAclubindia intends to create a knowledge base. A portal wherein you can gain, exchange and spread knowledge. This is only possible if each one of us take a sincere step and help. By doing this we will not only gain knowledge but also make relationships both professional and personal which will stand by us always.

For this, CAclubindia has a CCI Forum Platform where you can post a new topic, ask questions, answer queries and discuss your topics. The forum is for different categories related to finance like Income Tax, GST, Audit, Accounts, Students, Career, Law, Exams, Shares and Stocks, Taxpayers, Members, etc.

Therefore, for a trending topic like GST, there is a lot of discussion going on at CCI Forum. There are various subforum categories in GST as well like discussions related to Rules, Rate/HSN Codes, E-way Bill, ITC/Input, Returns, Portal, CGST/SGST/IGST, Accounts, Reverse Charge Mechanism, Import/Export, Others.

To post any query related to GST, or reply to the ongoing discussions - Click here

So, these were some exclusive benefits of choosing CAclubindia and becoming GST ready with CAclubindia. We hope to see you soon on the website to avail the advantages that CAclubindia is offering for GST.

Happy Learning!

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