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1. Searching for things: Normally we all commit this mistake without even knowing that we are actually doing it. Obviously this obstacle comes when we are in serious study mode Suppose you are making notes and then suddenly you find your Black pen or pencil or supplementary book is lost. Now you’ll start searching it for seconds then minutes and sometimes hour. And in this whole process you simply forget that you are wasting your time. And suppose you have 1 hour to read a subject and then after 5 minutes of studying you realize something is missing, then take 5 minutes break and gather all the necessary material or otherwise start doing other subjects in next  5 minutes.

 (I commit this mistake every second day, actually jab tak 10 chakkar bina baat ke na lag  jaye, I can’t study at all.)

Okay now let’s move on to next part.

2. I love my phone: Oh baby! Mere phone me music hai, apps hai, games hai, BBM hai, tumhare phone me kya hai? If you answer is Mere phone me sirf  low balance hai. Congratsssss! you have won  the battle of disturbance done by cell phone.

Whenever we are studying, a light beams and our mind diverts. So it’s better toput your phone on silent mode and put it in oppositedirection as well. So thatyou don’t hear any noise plus don’t get distracted.

My funda: I have kept the highest ringtone  on my family contacts. And the rest others are on silent mode. I guess now you got an idea how to block disturbed  persons now, so in exam days talk to those persons only who can help you, motivate you and inspire you to do your best.

3. Internet: Biggest hurdle is facebook. Whose exams fall in November, please discontinue/deactivate your facebook and other social ids for some days. Stop chatting on BBM, SKYPE, FB, Whats App, Rocket and so on. Always  note down the time when you use net and for how much time. Keep a alarm on your laptop so that it can switch off your net automatically when you cross required time limit.

About me: Please don’t ask. I am addicted. My exams are not in Nov/Dec. So this rule is not applicable to me. Now don’t ask why I am online on facebook.

4. EBM (Emotional Blackmail): Okay emotional pain! Please don’t give space to any emotional atyachaar upon yourself.  Any kind of problem should not affect your performance. Just count all your problems. And see whether you can do something for these problems or not. If yes, then sought it right now. Remember your time is precious than anything else right now. If something is still disturbing you and you are unable to handle the same still right now, better to postpone the quest of its solution. Missing someone, cursing CA, family, friends and problems can be done after exams as well. So stop cramming these words  that my family don’t understand me, my girlfriend find someone else, I won’t pass, If I become a CA what kind of Job I would  do and so on.

5. Fear: Everyone fears. I remember a quote “If a successful person says he don’t have any kind of fear, he is lying.” So it’s totally fine.

Fear mainly arises due to 2 reasons:

a. When you are unable to manage time

b. When your efforts and expectations conflicts.

These are the biggest reasons. So start focusing on these aspects. And yes, start believing your efforts. Once you start believing your efforts your fear will be reduced to that extent by itself. Take any exam and give 10 minutes mock test to test yourself (not in writing). It will give an Bird-view of your preparations which will atleast give answer how deep you are sunked in.

Last but not the least I wanna say,

I am not saying that you should be book-worm. But still it’s necessary to cut down unwanted things for some time. And yes don’t forget to reward yourself (chocolate or something else) when you give your best. It’ll keep you happy during exam days which are essential thing.

It’s your passion that has driven you so far. And obviously you can’t lose these batter due to fear or anything else.  Just go and start with little, days are still left so is your desire. And success is something that crushes every problem.

On a serious note, count your reasons of failures like:

1. Whether you struck upon a question in the exam hall.

2. Do you able to cope up with the time pressure.

3. Count the concepts you are perfect at.

4. If someone asked you 1 question about any topic, can you provide the answers with clarity.

5. Presentation of theory papers.

Just rate yourself into these 5 questions and you can easily define where you are really going wrong, crying yes.

In short, do smart work not just hardwork.smiley



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