Hiring interns and getting job done from them is challenging task for any organisation. We can say interns are sound theoretically and new to practical world. Other major characters can be they are keen to work and learn. They are always looking for challenges and to keep good track-record for the future reference.

What I am writing is based on what I have seen and experienced. While working as an intern for the CA firm in New Delhi. In many cases, organization fail to hire appropriate interns. I have seen many firms selecting just in basis of grades and references.

Interns can be just additional cost to your company if you can't use them appropriately.

In this article we will discuss how an organization can take maximum benefits from the interns too.

Interview in detail

This is the most important tool to know your interns. Know their interest area and find if you can locate them in the same field. Just check if they have knowledge about industry base, your product and services. You should be wise enough to know them in personal too.

Find their passion

Little things already discussed in above point, but that was not sufficient. You can take maximum if your intern don't feel that they are working. Just keep in mind, interns are enthusiastic to work more, take challenging job and keen to prove their worth.

Communicate frequent and Communicate sufficient

If you want to take maximum from interns then you should show good leadership tactics. You should communicate with them frequently and sufficiently. Communicate about your organization, clients and clients value, your products, services and its value. Make them well known about your company and your clients too.

Fulfill your promises

Just don't speak just to speak and don't write just to write. You have to protect the worth of the company. I will request readers not to make unnecessary promise if you can't make it come true. I have seen many CA Firms who makes promises in their websites like, we train and update our employees regularly.. , we have efficient system ... etc. etc.

Fair treat is the best treat

The worst experience is when your boss is not treating equally. when one intern is getting sufficient chance to explore and another is getting bored at office then it is nightmare. Don't become boss, become a leader. Everyone has distinct quality, you have to find and work on those.

These were the major five ways following which you can take maximum out of your interns. Although interns might be new to workplace, they posses knowledge, they know latest trends and technologies, they might know market scenarios etc.

Make workplace stress free workplace. Happy working ahead.


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