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My warm greetings to all the readers out there. In this article, I have just jotted down three basic rules or promises everyone knows about but barely implement in our lives. So here we go!

Do you carry the attitude of just complaining about things?

May be you may answer 'NO', but unconsciously we may display such behavior where we are constantly complaining about the circumstances, facilities we are born with, our statuses, our family members, our wants etc.

We will have to understand that we are always in the middle of something, our lives far better than lakhs of people but some people will have better lives than us, some people will have morebetter life than them and so the cycle continues.

Betterment has no end!

But the mentality of unnecessary comparisons can be ended. You need to understand three rules of a happy life:

1. Stop comparing yourselves

The moment you compare yourself with others is the moment you are demeaning your own lives, your haves and your own self.

Two people can never be compared. What Mr A might have went through in his life may not be the life story of Mr B;

It is the general rule that to be comparable, two things must be similar. But let me tell you ,two people can never be said to have standing on equal platform.

So comparing yourself with others is just a waste of time and energy.

2. Richness cannot always be in terms of Money!

We may define richness as the pockets full of cash, big bungalow, cars, servants and so on and go on…

But one of the wisest person once said that if you have a family, a roof to stay under, access to food, then you are one of the richest person on this earth.

Money has one side effect, the more you earn, the more you spend, the more you want to earn more! Again starts a vicious cycle of never stopping your desire to earn more.

Its good to have money, for it can buy us innumerous things!

But ask yourself what good it can do to you if it is not buying you a happiness instead making you restless round the clock.

First you turn restless to earn it, then you turn restless to protect it and then you turn restless to have more.

Money solves just a few problems of our lives. The other problems can only be solved through a healthy mindset which does not run after money but seeks contentment.

3. Be Thankful to what you have

Have you heard about Twinkle's case, whereby she was killed by two ruthless men; Eyes gauged out & One Arm Chopped Off, Body Partially Burnt, Dumped in Garbage? All Because Twinkle's Father Demanded Rs. 10,000 which one of the two men had borrowed.

Have you heard about some of the African countries, whereby women are being raped brutally, Mass killing is a usual routine.

Have you heard about the fights at borders, the lives of a soldier, who is at the verge of being killed mercilessly at any time, who is guarding us by withstanding all the harsh circumstances of the Border site?

Have you heard about the villages where a new born baby if found girl is still being thrown away as a trash or being burnt?

Have you visited the hospitals bombarded with patients, and heard the cries of family members who just lost someone they never dreamt of losing?

Have You?

We are living the lives much better than lakhs of people. We just shiver at the very thought of imaging something negative but people around the globe are unhappy, their voices are unheard, their situations are not acceptable!

We are blessed to be ahead of them, we are blessed to be what we are.

Be thankful for whatever this life has given to you!

Also, the above message is conveyed to masses through a video (Channel: Chitthi; Creator: Gyati Gupta).

Also, share your feedbacks and enjoy reading and watching.

The author is a practicing Chartered Accountant and can be reached at


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