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3 IDIOTS of real world - Are we Raju Rastogi?

Apart from being a super hit revolutionary movie it has showcased students’ life in the best possible manner. We all have Rancho, Farhan and Raju Rastogi in our lives. Sometimes you are one of the 3’s, sometimes you are the ‘Chatur’ aka Silencer.

But let us see one of the personality traits very much prevalent now a days.

Raju can be seen as a guy who would want good marks in all the subjects with all the studying efforts insured by tantra mantra.

He would study his notes word by word, goes to best coaching centre at the cost of movie plans and cheese burgers.

He would make the time table at the back of his notes copy and get sad if unable to follow.

The number of visits to temple is inversely proportional to days left for exam.

He would leave no stone unturned to get important questions for the exam.

He thinks that remaining serious would mean getting good marks.

But if we introspect in this kind of personalities, they are right in their own race. They are worried because they have seen the consequences of failures and fear that. They only have this opportunity at their disposal and they don’t want to lose on it on account of any reason. They are not risk takers and should not be, as the cost of taking the risk is way high for them. But what makes them start following a particular ‘act’ to ensure the success. It is the hard earned success which made them believe in something or some act which worked with their efforts.

The best part about these people is they don’t get into comparisons with others. They set their own targets and put best foot forward to achieve them. They always remain rooted and grounded to their basics.

And we have so many people having Raju traits in them. Like Ekta Kapoor with letter “k” in all her ventures to ensure success.  Subash Ghai always announces his new venture on 24th Oct. Katrina visits Ajmer Dargah before her every release. Chris Gayle wears a black bandana with his helmet.

Nothing is wrong with such beliefs but make sure the desired efforts are put.

PS: The writer belongs to the same breed discussed above.

Keep check this space for more personality traits like Rancho, Chatur etc.


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